Love Shanghai for the website title is still highly weight

1, the website title to write to attract people

Title website to write good, directly related to whether the client will click on you, and good title to the customer left a very good impression! No matter how good your services, the content of the website how rich! Before people didn’t go in your website that is not know! Just like myself, go shopping, for a girl is interested in, the first thing to do is to see her looks pretty! Although some girls gentle and considerate, but didn’t really come into contact, we can only from her surface to judge

3, not doing as little as possible some title

Keywords The

web site, many webmaster friends don’t see it in the eyes, think of love in this piece of Shanghai has not taken seriously, so how the title can see! A website title count as high as more than 1000 words can also see, named after the company also can see. All kinds of the webmaster friends! Is really don’t pay attention to the website of title, or a contemptuous disregard anyway, the status of the website? Title in the mind is very high! Direct search "Xiamen logistics network" in Shanghai, a logistics platform ranked first is our company to do, the snapshot still this is December 27, 2010! Keyword rankings for the first time to more than half a year, can be said to do after this website keywords a month ranked first to now, never fall off the only original! Because is the site of the title writing directly to the "Xiamen logistics network" as the key words match exactly! Because time is limited, do not go to management since then, the site of the articles are collected, but are one-time acquisition, has never been behind the data, the chain has never sent but after half a year! Observation of

, the 2 important keywords as far as possible by the former

website title, by in front of the weight is high. This although before listening to a lot, but practice can test the truth, through a year of customer site optimization, this words indeed, search engine is also very face, keywords in the top two than after two, ranking is certainly better! So when we think of customer demand or transformation keywords rate is relatively high, we can put it ahead of

! , still sit tight in the first place!

weight to share more less! Like kids eat cake, a small piece of cake if make the village children to eat, not only little cake, and the kids are likely to fight! Like the above mentioned your website title thanks 1>

The title, keywords, description of the

‘s website title is very important for the optimization of the website, to write the title website is not a very easy thing, but I think we can from the following 4 aspects to build a search engine love Title

!Keywords !


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