Stable website keywords ranking two strokes fix

data ranking, in fact, love Shanghai does not know which sites, which sites only after bad, really put some of the new push to the front to obtain data to know this website is good or bad. So I say some keywords or sites have certain opportunities, stable website ranking is also all Shanghai Longfeng personnel is facing the most difficult problem, today I talk about my general stable keywords is how to do, I hope to give you some reference.

keywords demand

map is a popular search demand is also very worthy of reference, see the relevant search words have what new changes, what new needs and user queries. Rise is correlated with the word the fastest search terms is also what needs attention, I found a lot of people every day to update the site, but are random updates, and no updates from the needs of users. If I want to update my preferred will have to study the needs of users, I find from the above method, and then find the content, only this update is valuable to update, stable or even further promote the renewal of the rankings, why love Shanghai encyclopedia rankings so good, because it is constantly update the valuable content.

for example, we need to do this keywords fume purifier, we must pay attention to the long-term search engine drop-down box and relevant search there is no new changes, if there are new changes that users demand changes. So we change according to user needs timely adjustment of our website, so you can also meet the needs of users. Many people may ask how to find the needs of users, in fact, in addition to the demand of Shanghai love the drop-down box and relevant search index in Shanghai and love, this is also very important.


first, grasp the change of

Because love is by Shanghai

Shanghai dragon long time friends know Chong ranking is easy, but to stable ranking is difficult, long-term stable ranking is very difficult, it is also very difficult to venture till more suitable to keep ranking. But what I am saying is stable is a certain fluctuation range, such as 10 within the fluctuation is the fluctuations are normal, 20 if there is a problem beyond the volatility rankings exclude non normal times a week if there is no recovery ranking shows you the key word is true from the decline in ranking find their own problems. I always feel rushed ranking certain opportunities, stable ranking can see a person real technology.


brand promotionThe importance of the brand



I think we all know, but I still want to talk about love, new products Shanghai 2014 World Conference launched this year, although the SMEs do not have what use, but the side also shows some problems. Is the importance of the brand, once I see a friend to get a direct number, I asked him how much is your brand index, he didn’t know, I think is certainly not. >

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