Shanghai dragon enterprise needs change Shanghai dragon staff how to adjust themselves

often have business owners question: "what is the meaning of Shanghai dragon", because many companies have done Shanghai Longfeng station rankings, but what did not bring real benefits to the enterprise. Just fall in love with the sea search for a keyword, then you can see his official website. Business owners will not waste money and energy on it, so the Shanghai Dragon technology more and more trust, and then to choose other Internet marketing methods. In fact, a Shanghai Dragon technology is network marketing, any kind of marketing can be successful, the key is whether it is suitable for your products.

: the first from the chain to the user experience

sell large machinery and equipment businesses for e-mail marketing, and more suitable for highly precise marketing mode, the reason is this kind of equipment is high price, big profits, a number of customers purchasing is very limited. For small and medium enterprises, can flow into the order, this is a business owner most valued, either black or white, as long as it catches mice. But this enterprise at present Shanghai Longfeng service model, is doomed to not catch mice cat, usually a few key words cannot stand for the enterprise how much traffic, so enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng ZhengZhan optimization service needs.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises stand products

two or three years ago, the customer always urge you to get keywords ranking to the first page, as long as their own business station flow, visitors on the line. Now the enterprise main cognition of Shanghai dragon has changed, presumably as long as is to provide business services in Shanghai dragon company, should feel the demand change. At present, enterprises engaged in the station optimization of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners in the minority, and the optimization of the company’s main customer is the small and medium sized enterprises. If gradually lose these customer resources, so enterprises in Shanghai dragon service will not be far from dead. Can be summed up in one sentence, Shanghai dragon enterprise service is changing, from the drainage to sell products, enterprise ultimately is to increase sales and orders.

second: from the ranking to sell

is not only the needs of the customer in change, love the two Shanghai algorithm is also changing, many colleagues Voices of discontent. Shanghai Longfeng ranking is, has become more and more difficult. The chain era has ended, now is the supremacy of the user experience, so the Shanghai dragon service cost and difficulty is also increasing. Perhaps the chain construction is a lot of people in Shanghai dragon’s strengths, but there is no estimate of how many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners on user experience more in-depth research. Because it involves many aspects, page design, product experience, customer service and other services, can be attributed to the user experience. This knowledge will be Shanghai Longfeng personnel must learn.


third: from Shanghai to Phoenix personnel marketing personnel

and rarely, page naturally less, dozens of pages, or hundreds of pages. Normal business station thousands of IP every day has been very good, but the IP can be converted into orders, and how many people are there in consultation with customer service website. > etc.

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