The analysis using the marquee element in the Links on whether to cheat

2, weight transfer, this may be of some code, for example for the detection of nofollow, not only in the Links module, sometimes also want to pay attention to the whole page is nofollow (this is likely to appear on the website page, or internal) in the robots file on this piece of writing nofollow, and even some people set on the server side, the most simple detection method is through the Chinaz chain htt>

marquee and Links cheat

B, of Links where forum or iframe into the JS framework, let search engine grab.


marquee element in the HTML code to create a scrolling text marquee, this kind of application we have seen in many sites, if used properly, the layout of the site and the user experience is quite good. A friend asked Beijing Shanghai dragon on the use of this element in the Links on whether to cheat the problem today, people take this opportunity to learn of the experience to share with you.


1, want to know if there was a crawl, the most simple method, see the love Shanghai snapshot, general Links module will display the normal anchor link in Shanghai love snapshot inside, if not a chain or display module, display anchor links, then it is not caught, there was cheating component.

D, jump type Links, need to click into the page Jump, and then enter your site.

first encountered such a situation, we will have the first question is: use the marquee element Links is not Links

, of course, there are some other Links deception, such as the use of our PR to a relatively high degree of concern, hijacked get high PR, to win your trust, this time we need to pay attention to check carefully, especially a point is not the basis of the website is very suspicious. There are some low quality chain exchange, first add links, later will give you away, if you do not check will be deceived.

A, set nofollow to Links, don’t let link weight transfer back.

go back to the beginning, to know the marquee element is not Links deception will be crawled from the module is, have to transfer weight analysis.

Links deception mainly lies in grasping and weight transfer or cheating way is according to the two aspects to the main deception has the following:

Using the elements

C, the use of robots for Links shielding module grab, not let the search engines crawl.

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