Summary the share consolidation in Shanghai problems encountered in the promotion of the Dragon

, a new station is always not included

for the web site of Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, found that Shanghai dragon is really a magical thing, can bring to a website is very good traffic, but sometimes will encounter problems because their temporarily. At the beginning of the thought of Shanghai dragon is very difficult, with a sense of mystery to it, after finally gradually become familiar found so difficult to imagine the Shanghai dragon does not own. In peacetime do stand in the process, often encounter a lot of problems, there are weight included the ranking, on, on, these problems to solve, let me know of Shanghai dragon was more thorough.

with the passage of time, more areas to some of the essence of Shanghai dragon, such as the implementation of the powerful, simple things repeat, for instance suppress their curiosity and temporarily forget the Shanghai dragon ranking, to focus on building the content. Time is not running, the website with the passage of time and continue to progress, now looking back, but found himself experienced too many details and difficulties. Today I wrote, was released, is also to a lot of novice help.

three, ranking always love the rolling

if the ranking, but is always fluctuating, good and bad, I think this problem will certainly have a large number of owners met. Why? In a word: the weight is not enough. The rank of the website would be influenced by many factors, for the search engines, these factors together, will.

two, a long time not included ranking problem

many novice encountered, including myself. After seeing some basic Shanghai dragon, he began to do stand, hate not included, but it sometimes every 35 days is still not included, so wait. But the past one or two weeks, or no action, so the post everywhere asked the reason, but also on the basis of these have psychological question. I think this is the first problem encountered many webmaster, I also like this, the only thing to do is to adhere to the teeth, do not worry, if the domain name is not punished, so please be patient, always included, the premise is the chain to do some basic. The problem is not so much what needs to be said, in a word, insist on is the hard truth.

this is another big problem experienced after the new station is not included. The site is included in the collection, but after a long time does not appear ranking, even before 100 are not. Every day with the tools of query results are the same, but every day. Although the data sites are on the rise, but no rise in precursor ranking. In fact, this is a very common phenomenon. Especially the love of Shanghai. But with the cumulative, once ranked, will have the trend of the future. For example, now a lot of Taobao guest website, although some websites have a good collection, but the keyword ranking is not always there. My advice is bold to do outside the chain and content, or long enough.

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