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"love Shanghai, You’ll see." this is love Shanghai home title. Through these words we know love Shanghai’s mission is to provide answers to the user, for the user to solve the problem. If every time we love Shanghai search can not find the answer you want, then we will choose to give up, and use other search engines. Whether it is love or Shanghai Google is actually to be able to provide users with better help, in order to get more market share. The search engine algorithm regardless of how to adjust it for a purpose or for the user, can solve the problem faster and more convenient. So, when we do the Shanghai dragon also to address the needs of users for better ideas. If a website is updating the website machine and send the chain, how can be a good solution to the industry needs of users, can not solve the direct experience demand brings it is certainly the worst.

the user demand, the demand of each user is not the same as the starting point. But users do not know the pain point is not good user experience. So, what method can let us fully understand the nature of the user demand point? May make an assumption if a person wants to buy a computer, he was most likely from price considerations but also may consider from the perspective of brand, and may consider using category, so we do not just in Optimization on the one hand, but also consider from many aspects to consider, this will start from the point of view of the time in the choice of keywords. Website optimization is a very important factor "content", the comprehensiveness of the content and extension of this page determines your ranking level. Or to the computer as an example, if a user purchases a computer he is not concerned about this computer brand, at the same time also must pay attention to its price, service life, warranty, where cheap, cost-effective, what are the advantages compared with similar effects, use scope of many factors to the decision to purchase. So we need to do as good as possible in terms of content in the purchase situation, a station can solve the needs of users don’t let go to the trouble of the user. This page is not only required by the user, also search engine will be very love, because you compared to its "

everyone says Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, the competition is very fierce, these words are often mentioned the Shanghai dragon buddy. If you still use the traditional view of the optimization of Shanghai dragon industry, is certainly not good, because the same is too serious. But the search engine is not in the improvement of their algorithm constantly, which can provide users with better service. Only through the chain and make the content of the times gone for ever. Later, we added Shanghai dragon to do user experience, no user experience of Shanghai dragon is no effect. Then, the user experience is a very abstract concept, but also face very big, let a lot of Shanghai dragon who do not know where to start. The author sums up several methods from the user experience point of view Shanghai Longfeng through research, for your reference.


search engine to understand the nature of

understanding of user needs situation

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