The reason is mainly the website users leave your experience is not enough

as a webmaster can do to attract users to the site is not easy, if more ambition is a hope that second users visit, became the site of loyal repeat customers, which for a station is really quite difficult, but it is not entirely impossible, every flow a dream not in order of a mythical existence, you can not find it can ask for it, you can not be hard to pull over, so difficult to have something really is because your site is not beautiful to let users leave one? I don’t think it user! But not to your site to marry his wife.

users, a malicious click could not be ruled out, it is peer to click on your website, that your investment promotion are not rewarded, also there’s a possibility is also the website of the users is not beautiful enough, but the user experience of the website is not enough, can not to solve the users want to get something, can not solve the user questions, perhaps the site appeared too many ads, ads everywhere, according to netizens described, the starting point is good, beautiful, it does, but the strawberry square dance network Shanghai dragon city that the users may ignore some of the more important details.

The description of the problem in

the Shanghai Dragon City:

The next

according to the problems of users to launch the investigation to analyze why this is the case, by the Shanghai strawberry square dance net dragon give you a few points to empty the users to analyze what appears in

Netizen "anonymous" question

users leave your site is not good enough, but does not to let users comfortable to experience your website, is that experience is not enough.

many owners in order to improve the efficiency is determined to have sex in Shanghai auction, you have to know not what sites are suitable to Shanghai sex price, you have to understand your competitors as well as pure manual optimization to love Shanghai home competitor, your site if bidding up there may be competitors and competition? Who is more sure let users trust, if you are the new you or forget it! Also get to know the keyword search terms with the price of production "

‘s website is not suitable for sex in Shanghai bidding

The website is not beautiful enough, the real reason for

don’t know why I did some promotion in Shanghai for love, then I love staring at the statistics of Shanghai direct access to traffic accounted for suddenly increased a lot, and the proportion is very high, thought this can produce the transaction will increase, but I checked out rate is sixty percent, I God! This bounce rate that is sixty percent of customers from the us to leave, why users will leave the site, and the residence time is relatively short, my website is not beautiful? My site is beautiful, why will appear this kind of reason, ask the master to answer.


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