The reason the website keyword online floating

site is the site of the heart space, site space stability is directly related to the website weight and keywords ranking, even if you are not guaranteed if Ma do website base, then everything is floating clouds, Baidu every day will be released to each site spider climb and meet new the content of release, if the site is always not open Baidu out of spiders can’t grab to any content, and this Baidu will be punished.

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site outside the chain

station in order to obtain the row may use some unreasonable means such as mass, this is the most Baidu offensive, do not give you the rankings are trivial, if you continue to love Shanghai K station is also possible, stationmaster should clearly understand their purpose of chain, is to make more weight the website to vote, let search engines have more entrance lifting the weight of the website, I want to emphasize is the webmaster to do outside the chain not only to ensure that the number is more important to pay attention to the quality of the chain. The chain will be good help to the website, such as blog comments, forum signature will be mass, love Shanghai abandon.

second, the site code problem

now many webmaster site is not very understanding of the search engine is friendly, just buy a template and then apply their own, not knowing which a lot of code are not used to the server, a big burden, this extra code has a great influence on the site, but it will cause time web site keywords ranking drop.


First, the ; heart broken;The Fifth, website Friends >

website optimization of the primary task is to make keyword display in Shanghai love home, but unfortunately it was hard to do fall into the bottom, let many webmaster headache, website keyword online why always fluctuates, Langfang carton factory in my own personal experience as a webmaster analysis, actually Baidu right down treatment of any website for a reason.

station in addition to ensure the web content is something original, enough to attract Baidu out of the spider, but also to ensure the update frequency of the site, the number and frequency of updates is updated daily to ensure that the time is the same, such as webmaster every afternoon 15:00 Update 2 article, this law to maintain, the spider can love Shanghai the timing of the release to grab your content, if the owners can not guarantee the update frequency, Xiangqilaijiu update, don’t matter, it is in the site’s ranking is not good.

Baidu is for customer service, if users go to the website always have open very slowly or not open, the next time the user will not enter in your website, the website can not stick to the user, Baidu naturally think your site value does not exist, the key word ranking will decline.

third, website update frequency

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