The three Shanghai dragon blog on the Shanghai love right down

Google ranking, Shanghai ranked lovelessness, if only a Shanghai dragon blog appear this kind of phenomenon, not representative. "

two or three blogThis three

Shanghai Longfeng data

chain: the three chain blog in the news outside the main chain, then part of Shanghai Longfeng forum, the chain related column and regional classification. The correlation of the chain with a wide range of degree and link popularity do much better. The friends of the chain, basically Shanghai Longfeng circle several blog link chain, the quality is no problem.

2, Google PR value high.

over Shanghai Dragon: Although this three blog fundamentals are okay, no abuse of the H and strong weight label, but loved Shanghai down the right, there must be over Shanghai dragon suspects, or a violation of the search engine ranking factors like Shanghai operational rules. What are these factors? Please read this blog performance three.

blog on the Shanghai dragon data, a few screenshots, more clear.

server: the three blog two and the author is using the same host space, good stability. I love station webmaster tools IP check that the domain name, the same IP mostly normal station.

, a fundamental analysis

of this paper, is the search A5 well-known writers of Shanghai Phoenix blog, is also the author of a friend. Today take its blog to do the analysis, although there are suspected but stop display slight skill before an expert, the author of a knowledge to the heart. Nonsense not say, love Shanghai site is down right, there must be reasons, please look at the nag.

The three

: the quality of the three blog articles for bloggers and most original, published in search and A5 webmaster network news column page, the article has certain reading value. The view of the contents of the article, a keyword stuffing suspects, two anchor text rich, three basic content around the network marketing and the Internet, and the three blog.

the author said, is nothing more than the quality of the chain and the chain, and whether the Shanghai Phoenix server over these aspects.

analysis A basic analysis of



3, site website are not in the first place.


4, no keywords ranking, Shanghai traffic sources lovelessness.

1, a new snapshot, included fast.




5, a considerable number of Google keywords ranking is better, while Shanghai ranked lovelessness.

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