The latest web site title written specification [die] excessive optimization


as everyone knows, the page title, usually is the focus of attention is the core of the search engine, the direction of Shanghai dragon Er are optimized to adjust from the station early late!, home page, column page, project page, details page title (keyword, description) optimization, from first to last is critical. By chance, Xiaobian see some traces, and after careful analysis, only this piece of content — the latest web site title written specification [die] excessive optimization. Welcome to correct deficiencies, add

decoration company in Beijing (home page ranking site title writing style)

A. put an end to the same, not stereotyped, the title is not competitive as like as two peas;

1, Mou Changqing is how to optimize the title of

2, general webmaster is how to optimize the title of

, we know that this is suspected of excessive optimization. Moreover, Shanghai Longfeng people suggested to modify. Even the Shanghai dragon industry website, has long been the case to remind, for example: Shanghai dragon team Explorer: website optimization, Shanghai dragon ZhengZhan optimization -2015 the most professional Shanghai dragon outsourcing services…… But, everybody is written, so is the standard answer, do not modify the right, if modified the accident? Many webmaster think oneself is small, so the right thing to do. Do you know, the so-called standard is 8 years ago, and in 2010 mouchangqing found traces of


B. the word in the brand, brand publicity is given priority to, take.

Xiao Bian specifically search for the north of Guangzhou first-tier cities such as Beijing decoration industry term, decoration company, decoration company in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other decoration company. Pictured above, found a secret, the top decoration company, long abandoned the keyword 1_ keywords 2_ keywords 3_ 4- brand word keywords "model. After years of exploration, the latest web site title writing three techniques.

I believe a little seen tutorial that standard, writing is: Title keywords 1_ keywords 2_ 3_ 4- brand word keywords keywords. For many years engaged in the decoration industry, the memory, the top three pages of the decoration website, the page title is almost: XX decoration company decoration company decoration company – _XX _XX (XX is the word brand names).

3, the latest web site title dry cargo! Writing standard


you know, Mou Changqing has launched a line, namely go9go. At the beginning, in order to find many words, he got the title "Links exchange, sale and purchase transactions, go9go Links platform". Later, feeling not deliberately in order to write the title to Shanghai dragon. Therefore, the title changed to "go9go Links platform to chain chain go9go". The great publicity of the brand, respect the user experience, not too much optimization, and even promote the rankings a lot.

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