Three small details when you ignore the website optimization

is often found in practice, some links clearly open normal, but when I use XENU tools to check the dead links, but that I was a dead link, so I went to the dead links page where the source file to check, it was found that some of the link and the link is not a standard. For example some front. Other signs, especially when using a relative address, why is this link, the browser can open it, because the browser has a certain error correcting function, when it will open a page, automatically to supplement the information so that the pages open. So when we check the dead links, best can use some tools to detect.

2, the article can open the link, is not necessarily an effective link

actually do website optimization in Shanghai dragon, a good grasp of the whole time, you need to do some of the details, so as to maximize the effect of optimization, many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners know many theories, but seldom go to practice, rarely to sum up, it is difficult to improve the website optimization is a very practical technology, need to practice, to the formation of the theory summary, this will do, it will go farther. Shanghai dragon and is associated with many other technical means, if you put the Shanghai dragon as just outside the chain and increase the contents of the article, so that you understand the Shanghai dragon, is still in a primary level, well, not to say, say some details we easily overlooked.


1, standard URL to bring the symbol "/"

fell in love with some magical sea URL

in fact, as long as you carefully, you will find the column page or page classification standard is URL, should take "/", this is a lot of people are very easy to miss the problem, such as 贵族宝贝ylmr贵族宝贝/faq/ URL is a standard URL, you design when you program. You should put the URL plus " /", and the chain and the chain, to write this standard with " /" symbol of URL, which is a manifestation of a small URL standard, so as to the weight on a standard URL in the construction site, the high performance of this book, the author also mentioned this point, if you often use the tool to see the log you will find many 301 is generated, in as far as possible, not 301, because 301 after all Will call some system resources. Effect of page open speed is actually the most simple, you can test, you in the address bar inside the input without / domain name, the browser will automatically jump to take / in URL.

for example you check the ylmr included, when you are in love Shanghai input>

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