High weight website Shanghai dragon direction content quality win

quote authoritative website information, for example we do Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon to write a personal blog, a lot of knowledge about Shanghai dragon in the blog, here because of the need to refer to the encyclopedia, Shanghai will love love Shanghai or Google webmaster optimization guide refers to the south the contents in the article, the content is the authority content search engine released, we quote that web content is based on the content of the authority, the authority must improve a lot.

1, website content

personally think that is for a high weight site, the construction of the external links is not so important, although external links will still provide great weight into many aspects, but the key site of Shanghai Longfeng construction, should be more on the web content structure, internal link structure and long tail keywords analysis of today, Muzi into the boat to the first point to introduce the high weight website Shanghai dragon direction: content quality win.

The internal information

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. Recently has been concerned with the dynamic search engine, especially the recent Google’s action is relatively large, first proposed to punish excessive optimization site, behind also proposed to combat spam sites, these actions have no small impact on the future of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, and all this starting point is to improve the quality of search results, improve the user search experience, so all the work is to improve the quality of the website, improve website weight.


is a website to do well the authority is difficult, because the accumulation of the need of the time, because it is better than the government or educational institutions like the site, is born "two generation" or "two rich generation", have the advantage. That is not what you can do? Here I offer a small idea, perhaps to help:

The authority of the

the content of the website is the website, including text, pictures, and even video and flash, the content of the most basic starting point is from the user’s point of view, to provide the required for them, then according to the starting point, the construction of web content to divergence. Increase the weight of the site, such as good content three: website content authority, website original content, website content reliability.

so how to improve the weight of the website? We need to determine the direction of Shanghai, according to their actual situation, for example, we are the enterprise station, may not have too much content that needs to be filled, the construction of the external links, and external links construction is a key part of the big Shanghai Longfeng scheme, which is mainly because the link can directly affect the search engine ranking to improve, construction content seems to slow instead. If the information is like the site, the Shanghai dragon is certainly the direction of our content, by providing high value content to attract users, get the trust of the search engine. Different types of Web sites, we decided to adopt different strategies and direction of Shanghai dragon.

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