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has hatched two years in the hammer VR project dissolution, probably means that the hammer in the VR industry direction, strategy changes. According to business information, think of Beijing science and Technology Limited mainly engaged in technology promotion service, software development services, not related to hardware. It is likely that the hammer retains the hardware part of the business, and the new company is likely to engage in software, content related research and development and services.

broke the news received from according to 36 krypton information, some employees will join the new company, while the other part is engaged in the hardware related work, may be in the hammer technology internal transfer. A person involved in the 36 krypton revealed in the hammer, internal transfer employees are likely to join hammer related enterprises.

in the near future, the hammer official also confirmed the news, saying the hammer VR has completed the spin off from before the conference, the main purpose is to facilitate foreign independent financing, hammer technology VR team leader Luo Zixiong and hammer technology staff Guan Mingjie, newly registered Ningkang MI was established in Beijing’s information technology Limited liability company, the company is now complete the angel round of financing, hammer technology is also a major shareholder.


according to 36 krypton past news, hammer technology started the VR project at the end of 2014, responsible for the design director, Zi Xiong, in 30-50 the number of people around the development of the VR, PC VR Launcher, head of hardware and some basic functions of the implementation of VR application. From the beginning of the first half of this year, the team has been prepared to finance separately.

The special feature of

, the downsizing is likely to be related to the recent acquisition of hammers. In September this year, a hammer technology investor in Chengdu, Nigeria, Lu Lu Polytron Technologies Inc prospectus shows that in the first half of this year, hammer technology loss of 192 million yuan, 2015 annual loss of 462 million yuan, high asset liability ratio

according to the symplectic dining hall news, before the layoffs, the original hammer technology public relations director Dou Miaolei and hammer technology operation director Wang Yunjun has joined the micro whale VR, the latter has updated LinkedIn information.

Dwolla founder, Ben · Milner left and investor Ashton; · Kutcher right

recently, the industry has begun circulating hammer VR project leader Luo Zixiong left the news. According to business registration information, August 2016, director Luo Zixiong established a new company, called Beijing think information technology limited liability company. The company’s legal person is Luo Zixiong, registered address is located in Beijing, Chaoyang District, spring garden, No. 27, building 28, building 2, 1, 101, 34.


looks like an uncle, but Milner is not 30 yet. The road to entrepreneurship, Milner has walked the whole 10 years. His life trajectory and Jobs, Bill, ·, Gates Bill Gates, Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg and others have a coincidence: drop out of school. Graduated from high school and entered University of Iowa University, of, Northern, Iowa>

36 krypton yesterday noon received hammer VR department employees broke the news, the source said, "the project will be dissolved, the computer may be confiscated in the afternoon."". Vertical media, Xin Tong canteen news obtained from the hammer, but also confirmed the news.

Dwolla is that they bypass the credit card companies, transfer accounts directly through the user’s bank account, and charge only 25 cents per payment. Yes, they charge only one coin, regardless of the amount of the transaction. Compared with the fees paid by Paypal, Square and other existing payment service providers and 2% of the bank fees charged by credit card companies, Dwolla is a truly heterogeneous.

Apple has a well-known advertising "think different" Think Different, advertising words Steve · Jobs Steve Jobs tears: "to those crazy guys they salute their whimsical, their personal independence of conduct, promote reform, promote people to move forward. This classic copy is not only a portrait of Jobs’s life, but also encourages all entrepreneurs to continue to develop new dreams.

hammer VR project team to dissolve

this is a paranoid success in the world, Milner doing something a bit rough, and also speak with Fucking and other foul language from time to time, straightforward and rough. When it comes to the originality of Dwolla, he blurted out, "I just want to complete the fucking I want the fucking money move

Dwolla founder of this ·, Milner Ben Milne the idea is: do not do the next Paypal, but to create the next Visa, so that payment becomes like making friends on Facebook is so simple. In Milner’s view, both Paypal and Square are phenomenal creative products, but they are built on credit card networks like Visa and MasterCard, while Dwolla is another tower.

entrepreneurs don’t dream of challenging the old rules of the world like Jobs and changing people’s lifestyles. Dwolla is a start-up company from Iowa, USA, where they enter the payment field in a subversive business model, hoping to change the traditional way of transferring money and bring more convenience to people’s daily life.

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