How to use the search engine platform advantage promotion right know, this is also our common channel, I was the day before the name made 5 questions, each question has an answer to 3-4, since a reply with connection answer and choose the best answer, and then let the brothers help you brush, pageviews, usually, second days on the baidu page, the top of the well, a good brush, Baidu will know Baidu in the mobilized four or five questions on the homepage, and these questions are you.

1, entry soon announced at the baidu channel is the second library, now Baidu Library Review comparative strict, but we do about Shanghai Longfeng promotion is a, we should all be done, the document name that you want to do, more content, I test content too few documents with after not simply by the content, some more you can, put your information in the header of the local image can also, if in alongside the "copyright" is more simple (not through the explanation, you know). space, blog users not only use wide scale, the most important is to stay connected. Baidu space is only one Baidu many blog itself commodity, imagine, the weight and the importance of which is the blog and? Do you want to do with the word title, and then complete the space material.

At Post Bar, in accordance with the normal page optimization, for an article, sent to the baidu Post Bar (meaning and negative meaning if the appearance is better, the overall is positive on the line), and then find a partner or one or two brothers, continue to the top post, replies to the best content, including what you want to do the word, I test the top more than 20 back, at the top of the range for baidu.

in the Baidu search engine channel do Shanghai dragon has usually have the following advantages:

search engine which channels can do Shanghai Longfeng, do have the effect of encyclopedia, not much, usually make excellent ranking, a few hours later, perhaps second days on the home page, you in a chance next, with the flow of the wizard brush, usually in the top three there is no doubt, of course, want to add the connection, do not say how to do with encyclopedia, we can search for the forum, from to practice.

Baidu is 2, ranking good contrast selfish, so the commodity itself usually ranked excellent.


as the search engine number trend, currently in use is very much, but the impact of large, Shanghai dragon Er trust as you know, the weight of Baidu and some search engine itself all the goods are extremely high, so, it can also become some people use something. Of course, many search engines today, mainly to talk about the most influential love Shanghai:

Then the

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