On site optimization of Shanghai Longfeng detail analysis

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above is me for the "details" of the Shanghai dragon, now we are doing something everyone knows, but who do the details, do carefully, then the search engine of the highlands of Shanghai dragon is who, SKF Bearing 贵族宝贝 www.skf-bearing.n>

now fight outside the chain is very laborious and time-consuming. Sometimes we find that others do not have their own site outside the chain, but the ranking is very good, in the front row of their own, that no matter how hard the multiple chain or not. The growth of each station will know: the chain can not rise too fast, and unstable factors of the chain too much, a lot of chain fast effect is small. The chain is to steady growth! Of course I said this does not mean that no longer do the chain! At present is to search engine oriented domain, we fight for every inch of land!

now Shanghai dragon industry has begun to enter into a "hot" era, in addition to the heat because of commercial competition and market demand, and an important reason is that Shanghai Longfeng practitioners competition! Sometimes we are doing related products in the same industry keywords, competition is inevitable

for the relevant issues, such as: Shanghai dragon Google map path for some columns is set www.XX贵族宝贝 / XX / www.XX贵族宝贝 / XX or so, is worthy of study and try to figure out. Of course, 404 and robot.txt are needed to do, and do not arbitrarily, to pay attention to do.

Shanghai dragon after all is said and done are those stereotypes, but different people through different practice, finally the results are often there is a big difference between the different means of every man! In addition, there is some details! Actually you do outside the chain is a choice in love, the Arts in Shanghai know Wikipedia, but why some people can be routed to the front, and his own but always feel powerless and frustrated in the back of the wandering, various reasons need you smart webmaster to look carefully and try to figure out the

said the following simple site map Google map: the meaning here but more explanation, you know! Sitemap.xml is a noble baby do it, also is the site map. But the site map is written in XML, according to the standard of nobility baby to write, and this document will be written to the "sitemap.xml" format and upload it to your server space to. At present, Yahoo, MSN, noble baby have a statement in support of this format, Baidu is not a statement of support, but it is estimated that the next step will be to represent the general trend. This is a sitemap.xml format to your website information to provide very good way to many search engines.

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