How much of each big search engine optimization means love Shanghai score proportion

look at the chain of information announcement love was out of the sea, according to the observation and analysis of the author, all external links the site including chain, anti chain for love in Shanghai between the proportion of 30%-35%, perhaps many webmaster will think why the chain ratio now there are so many webmaster friends do not know? Whether the observed recent love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, the two time this year are associated with links to websites, from which we see that the chain site is the focus of the current adjustment, but also the focus of search engine, search engine more importance why adjustable linking with normal and relevance, is nothing more than the chain said the proportion is very high, is worth owners to spend time to do, from the current form some news sources, industry, high PR website submission links help website ranking ahead.

look at the host and domain name website on the influence of the ranking, web hosting and domain name in Shanghai search engine accounted for about 10%-15% between, why some websites can get good rankings in the on-line time, this shows the domain name and host site has done a better job, get the love Shanghai search the engine’s trust, but after a period of time and there are a lot of website ranking fell, indicating that the site was influenced by the content and links to the host and domain name for the site in the search engine in the proportion of about 10%-15%, this ratio is >

first to see the problem of love Shanghai original content search engine has been emphasized. The original content for love in Shanghai the proportion of at least 25%, this is a very large proportion, about 12 years ago in the content of the website is the proportion of only 10%, but it is just a few months time, love Shanghai search engine on a large scale to adjust the content ratio, reached 25% at present, it can be said that this is the love of Shanghai website content especially the importance of improving the original content, but also indirectly shows the love Shanghai search engine to improve the user experience. So dear friends, when in the optimization of website should at least spend 25% of their time to do the content on the website.

to do a lot of friends of Shanghai dragon is a proud thing, but with the continuous change of love Shanghai search engine algorithm, more and more Shanghai dragon also caught the optimization difficulties, 80% of all Shanghai dragon can’t find love Shanghai search engine on the site of all aspects of the score proportion, so many people in Shanghai dragon rely on their own habits to do site optimization, but it is because they do not know the proportion of cases, many website ranking can enhance.

I entered Shanghai dragon industry for almost 4 years, the site of several accepted ranking in the love of Shanghai’s top five, and in January this year launched an index of up to 1000 words, the ranking stability bureau third, a lot of friends may ask who is on the pen what method lets website ranking index so high? The author details with you to tell my friend.

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