Analysis of factors related to the site Links Shanghai Dragon

love Shanghai weight value


The website of

exchange links, from other PR sites can probably understand the structure of quality and quantity, the website external links to the site, the most important is the quality of the chain, we all know that if a website is punished by search engines, and it links to the web site will be subject to certain implicated, and in exchange the link is on both sides of the PR site is not too large, such as a web site PR7, which links to the web site PR is 2 or 0, this time Google will find PR2 site may be purchased on PR7 links, and low PR value of the site may be punished.

Is the 7 red box in

love Shanghai weight value is third party query tool proposed by the Shanghai dragon related situation but to a certain extent can reflect the site, such as the optimization of website of the other side can understand and love Shanghai given the importance of the domain name, website weight value is high, transfer to our website weight will be higher.



logo: doing Links exchange, I think they should pay attention to some factors such as the other site PR, love Shanghai snapshots, out of the station chain, here I analyze each influence factor on our website.



The The

, a website weight is so much, if the other website >

The correlation between

is looking for Links, we should try to find similar correlation with web site web site, which helps to improve the weight of the website, for example, your web site in the car class, and you exchange links is a type of music website, so as to search engines, transfer the weight, will give most of the weight transfer the related links on the website.

said the website Links, most of the webmaster should know, because whether it is large or small web site, there is usually Links exchange area at the bottom of the page. What is the Links? Refers to the site to exchange links, but also can find the URL and site name in the source code of the web page, the user can display hyperlinks when browsing the web site name.


and we have to discuss the topic: exchange links, and related factors analysis of Shanghai dragon, the following screenshot.

to see the other side of the web site of the external links, can judge whether there is a website to buy links (to avoid other site punished, and implicated himself, website) for example, a common view of the chain group purchase website, found a large number of domain name type chain, this type of government website domain name. So easy to exchange links? Screenshot below

site outbound links number

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