Enhance the operation strategy of Shanghai Longfeng site conversion rate

transformation to solve user problems which

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users here think your product is OK, goods than three after your product has more advantages. If today he >

some advantages compared with the same industry, where we, our products after what certification. Relative to peers our price is how much, how about material, customer service service. Then through such a contrast to dispel the doubts users, but it doesn’t end here. The product is also good, come back tomorrow to buy it".


so for certain types of products concern is not particularly big, you can use the distributed. For example, the bearing of this product, the user might have on the product requirements is not very high. That is to say I need you type in the factory, I would have to buy.

pageWhat is our

centralized marketing, is to guide all products into the special page, which is the same type of products under the project page. Centralized marketing suitable for users before buying products have more concerns, such as price, quality and other aspects, users have greater demand for comparison of related products, it is suitable for centralized marketing, do a lot of relevant recommendations for the user, the user touches the desire to buy.

why buy now?

, what is the transformation page

website of each product page is transformed into pages, each product has a guide of links to purchase transactions. As the transformation points scattered in many web pages, then this is a decentralized marketing. This is the mall site, each page has a product to buy or add to cart options.

?Here we can

first of all, we need to understand the conversion rate, website conversion concept of different location is not the same. For example, sales of products of the enterprise website, their conversion from online orders, sales and service of the enterprise website, their conversion rate from the online consultation, and forum the conversion rate from the user registration.

For example, the

2. why buy your product


1. decentralized marketing


2. centralized marketing

this is well understood, we are all parameters to sell products to the product specifications; if the service class will be as far as possible, the content of the service. The user’s first impression is very important, only when the user is aware of our products. He was interested to continue to see below. "Oh, this is the original thing, but also seems very general." Here users already know our products is what, but now he will doubt is what you want to buy.

marketing for products and services on the site, we can also reflect the decentralized and centralized marketing marketing two:

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