Grassroots webmaster talked a little bit in 2013 the construction of the chain

: shared chain

2, sell link website

?This year, Shanghai launched the green love


here, I can only say: Shanghai dragon anyway will not die, will have the ability to open up the chain construction of new world, only some have no ability, only so, the chain improperly belittle oneself, 213 years of construction is not only method, method has changed. Recently love Shanghai introduced a variety of algorithms, undoubtedly to our Shanghai dragon staff is not a small blow, in fact, we can see that the love of Shanghai recently updated algorithm, are based on the chain of human as the focus of the fight against objects, so we should be calm and think about what we do outside the chain, in the end there is no value in the value? Where? These are worthy of our reflection is not

super chain intermediary

I recently found, I often put my website articles to Sina, happy, all other social platforms, most of the articles are included, has formed a series of chain type share. This way, you may wish to try.

?We compared the

second: soft news type chain

love Shanghai launched this algorithm, I would have to follow, not dare to violate. I would like to inform the webmaster friends, steadfast do stand, to be

3, buy links

algorithm, to purify the Internet atmosphere! Dedicated to combating the following websites:

I recently listened to a lot of Shanghai Longfeng counterparts are talking about the construction of the chain, a lot of people say that, Shanghai cancel love BBS signature, love Shanghai Encyclopedia unextend reading, as well as some time ago the chain standard launch etc.. These events, is not marked in 2013 will be the construction of the chain field by baptism? The author found that the construction of the chain before, has become the past, recently canceled the A5 forum forum signature, Shanghai Longfeng personnel must give a lot of crush on A5 Webmaster Platform released outside the chain of no small impact? I can say now in 2013, the Internet will be a watershed, do stand site on the original content will be like Shanghai’s attention, give a better weight, and rely on the sale of links to the web site will get love Shanghai strong down! If someone says 2013 buy links useful, but as a webmaster you dare to go buy

The first kind of

with the webmaster is through the construction of the chain of human way, compared with the chain of non-human really difficult construction, so the author is great! I think we will mainly introduce the 2013 major construction non-human chain and other chain application measures. (for reference, hope to the webmaster progress together)


this kind of chain, or money, or cooperative publishing. But for our webmaster, can have a cooperation platform for less and less. Although it is difficult to do, but I will contact the peers every day "

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