Analysis on the influence of the snapshot of the rankings


Shanghai dragon Er to start the day’s work, the first thing is usually query website ranking and site web site, look at the latest time and weight of the position of the home page snapshot. Many are concerned about the Shanghai dragon Er website snapshot, of course I was no exception. I want to reiterate here that Dennis:

for the site command we are not unfamiliar, many Shanghai dragon Er query it is to watch the latest web site snapshot, and the fact that snapshot affect keyword ranking? I can clearly tell you "NO", because the index server and directory server receiving love Shanghai is not one of them is the division of labor. How do you explain!? is also very simple, if you look carefully will find that the snapshot time not many website ranking page snapshot time is site, which verifies that the.

The keywords ranking snapshot decided?

for a snapshot is ranking, we can also analyze this. Usually, the latest snapshot of time, is a factor that users choose to click, which means that it is in line with the user search experience. The main reference point for all search engine first stage lies in this, think of a good user experience of the website, the ranking will be low

and the Dennis answer is, to a certain extent determines the rank of the website snapshot. Whether the result which is right and which is wrong might as well come to discuss.


summary, a snapshot of the role is to grasp those time sensitive factors contributed to its users click to read; two is a snapshot of the update speed of the search engine to the site before the reaction of trust value, trust value is high, for the site of the update frequency is higher, so you can update the site title in the short term, to the website can timely grasp of time users and user needs, to complete the target site.

snapshot for the website ranking effect, it is reflected in a time. I have search experience friends should know that in site title similar situation, we will take the time as the reference snapshot of click query, such content is full of value added information. That is to say in the exclusion of the voting weights and the nature of the case, the snapshot user browsing click tend to the latest time, so as to enhance the website ranking. So the snapshot under certain conditions is decisive for ranking.

love Shanghai official answer: there is no direct relationship with the ranking snapshot.

we see is to view a snapshot of its latest results, this snapshot ranking, we do not mean to him the faint click advantage to get good rankings, because we know that the website is ranked by the comprehensive effect of many factors, to enter the top twenty snapshot is likely to participate in the Shanghai Love Click algorithm, after ranking and has no direct impact on the click, the only advantage is probably to increase traffic to the site.

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