Good wind leveraging blog right to share the experience of optimization

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forearmed nopreparation, blog link also need a control process, this process is also the site

is a website with the most fundamental quality not reflected in the content, and different search engines have different weight assignment. But there is no denying the fact that link plays a very positive role in the website optimization process, no one will ignore the link function. In the link of construction, a lot of people want to play the first is friendship exchange links, exchange links to general good quality. The number of links but a web site can exchange is limited, more than a certain amount (about 50) not only can improve the site weight, but also be mistaken for search engine link factories, dangerous down the right punishment. Links is more suitable for quality, but can not meet the requirements of the number of links.

blog link right advantage in this context is perfectly shown. On the one hand, the gateway of the blog had weight is very high, through the blog link to enhance the site weight, has won at the starting line. On the other hand, basically all the major portal blog or space are free development, anyone can register, as long as diligent and effort, is free to obtain a very high quality links to resources, and the resources theory can be limited to the number of blog standing; the third advantage is not too many requirements on the website optimization personnel writing ability, as long as the heart can be released to pen without audit. If time or energy is limited, temporary copy or false original, also not too much to enhance the weight of the blog itself. Although the blog link right has many advantages but not There is nothing comparable to this, everyone can operate successfully, the process still need to follow certain procedures required. Shanghai network company actual operation experience with pilot technology blog, will be divided into plan layout, blog selection, content construction, steadily improved right, link building and maintenance six stages were described as follows:

is not without methods to enhance the number of links, but need to pay more energy and economic cost. For example, through the purchase of popular links, whether the chain or black chain, in a period of time really can quickly improve the weight. But continue to buy links, and constantly increase the number of connections need the cost of spending a lot of money. Even can not stop, because of excessive dependence on a single link to buy buy stop, will lead to a large number of links to be removed, resulting in decreased website weight. And the purchase of the link is not so perfect in every respect, cannot satisfy the link correlation, if the purchase is black chain there is lack of stability of innatedisadvantage. In the website optimization process, the soft competitiveness seems not to be exceeded, one of the secrets of the company to win is also a lot of network optimization. But soft, requires not only a wealth of experience, also requires a logical thinking and writing ability, and is not suitable for all people to implement.

, a plan: to optimize the right strategies

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