Do the following station optimization let you stand up cattle

description, it is best to describe the provisions in 83 characters, the description to our Lord keywords on the front, as if I stand is the women to join, so I put the Korean women to join… On the front, the spider crawling.

The reasonable application of Keywords

8. internal links, this is also very important, the general is very high weight of the chain to the other important home page, here, or be careful not to have too much home page link to other pages, because it may cause you to page down the right, as long as the first page link to important pages can if the page, some useless by the spider crawling, you can also use these pages to drive home. The chain is also very important, you can make a table to tell myself that the page needs to drive home. < >

6. times in the bottom navigation, add your own keywords feel very important, this is also favored by lots of gold spider, so it will be with you feel important keywords, but also can play both reference effect.

1. first title from talking about it, we all know, a show in front of everyone, the title is the first, but also pay attention to the title, the title is best in 34 characters, many have not shown, so we try to get the title provisions within 34 characters as well, the keywords title words, must pay attention to the point, whether it is net or spider, are the first to grab in front of the character, so we put the main keywords on the front, the front by the spider’s favor, so, we should put our Lord keywords on the front.

3., some people say that words can not write, because when displayed only the title and description, so that words can not write, but personally feel that the keyword is to write, but to use keywords very refined.


5. is close to the head part of the code is to add site keywords, if the picture is to add the ATL attribute, the code in logo and banner and invoke these global navigation and code for the front position of place to add keywords.

4. layout, when we dig out a lot of words, we should take the reasonable layout in our web site keywords, according to their website for the main keywords in the navigation, the time can also do column page keywords, keywords layout according to the type of your site to determine this. Is a skill.

7. if you encounter some difficult optimization of long tail keywords, you can do a link on the front page.


we all know Shanghai Longfeng popular one is worth thinking about a word: content is king, the chain for the emperor, here I will talk about in the station optimization, do the following points, let us stand up cattle, if wrong, please do not paizhuan.

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