Analysis of the role of the anchor text site optimization and Shanghai Longfeng effect

, for example, if a and B are in the article about my lottery website development company article a, the content of a mention: search engine optimization. "When they have talked about the a". So the a will also receive Shanghai Longfeng effect.

I think the anchor text of the Shanghai dragon effect will be more and more low

The The

so we get a conclusion:

with reference substitution will replace the anchor text.

(5) finally, we think, anchor text, CO citation etc. they will only interdependent association rather than who was who had replaced, because.

in the observation of a number of domestic lottery website case, the effect of the anchor text in the search engine’s rights more and more low, I love Shanghai prediction effect will be the same as the noble baby.

(2) the effect of the anchor text are not the same.

(1) as the noble anchor text is a baby that is easy to operate, so in the future will be in the above given permission to make adjustments. Evaluation of the use of other methods to give the corresponding.

(3) so the anchor text in future will gradually reduce the effect of authority, which will lead to a result that is [like] a common reference to factors beyond.

we all know, the anchor text is to occupy a lot of proportion for optimization and ranking a lottery website development company, even now love Shanghai algorithm update, I think this is the anchor text in the form of a space for one person, also in the optimization of the staff in the brain more solid. The anchor text will be so again to the lottery website development company 贵族宝贝 to add the appropriate number of unexpected results, she inadvertently make web page keyword rankings, so as to improve the site traffic.

anchor text is actually to prompt the user said the product information and it can be expanded. If you just do the lottery website anchor text and anchor text to do it, it is not up to the original intention, forget what it was.

known as the anchor text link anchor text, but also a manifestation of the link. The hyperlinks are not unfamiliar to us, so that the key word anchor text is a hyperlink. As we all know, the hyperlink code is the anchor text, like this form, the keywords do a link to other pages, this form is called anchor text links.

of a newly established small lottery development sites, such as anchor text words will not make the keyword ranking, flow rate increases, it only make others only this index.

(4) and the common reference anchor text like the existing concept is in the Google Panda after he will finally be noble baby to join algorithm.

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