Do the site within Shanghai Longfeng Optimization good included sort show

to do on the site to do this three aspects included: good, good good sort, good show. The three is based on the principle of search engine to do, for example, included, not only related to the content of the website, but also relates to the search engine spiders to crawl "and so on, according to the following three aspects which tell you exactly how to do the internal optimization Website:

search engine for website construction, mainly divided into three parts: how to make the search engine website in the content, how to get a good ranking in the search engine, how to let users from many of the search results, click on your website. In simple terms, is the collection, sorting, display.

site for Shanghai dragon must pay attention to the information of Shanghai Longfeng accurate grasp, especially for us to grasp the search engine, such as the Shanghai sex optimization, we inevitably will need to check the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" to help guide the direction of Shanghai dragon, though it may be, many are the direction in nature, but it is the most accurate Shanghai dragon skills. Good internal and external optimization is to optimize the site can also find the corresponding suggestions from the optimization guide to love Shanghai, for example, in the "love Shanghai" optimization guide, love Shanghai for website search engine oriented suggestions as follows:

1, improve the overall site quality included

for the website included overall quality, many people consider the number, can not say the number is not important, but the number is not absolutely can guarantee the quality, a very simple example, if our site does not do static pages, each page can have ten different URL, are also possible is love Shanghai included, so the search engine is not very friendly, but also for users, so that the resulting number included is not conducive to the optimization, encountered such a situation, one is fundamentally solved: do URL standard, also can write crawl rules in the robots file, for non standard URL prohibit the capture, general non standard URL contains dynamic symbols, write: Disallow: / * *, you can solve this? "

The optimization of

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. For the site of the Shanghai dragon construction work, I actually don’t want to do external links too much, because the one thing originally optimizing a website is more tired, and external link building is a toil, but to do external optimization and a lot of in-depth study, such as what kind of research the link is good, study how to better faster and more save time to release the chain. This point I sniff the rose blog will give you mentioned a very important Shanghai Longfeng quality chain principle: the higher the more difficult link quality. So I have been more inclined to do the work within the station, plus personal for text editing is a little advantage, this is the internal optimization in internal power optimization is very good.

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