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first search alliance information you need to know to make money on the Internet, see the online negative information about the alliance is not much, of course, there are also some malicious attacks and the fall stick, but can be used as a reference standard.

09 years, the owners of the main money union pros and cons

1, shlf1314 Adsence


can also check the advertising union announcement, study the alliance’s capital status and capital flow, and ensure the reliability of income.

is now the situation is that many owners are dependent on every kind of alliance to make money, really good union can bring huge gains for the webmaster, but if in doubt, join the wrong alliance, not to earn money not to say, but also waste a lot of time and resources, and finally come to a white

there are so many young people working for the job that they don’t even know where their life is going. Because such young people have been numb. Always think they are not two rich generation do not have the money to start a business, entrepreneurship, need the investment of money, investment has a risk, a month of hard earned money dashuipiao, a bubble, it’s not empty? So this young man in courage lost to those of 80 and 90 later success. Because they don’t know what they want in the future. They know they don’t have the guts to fight. Only for their current job, to become a member of the working group.

Internet era, everything is changing rapidly, 2008 is about to pass, 2009 will come soon, for the webmaster, never change the theme is: how to make money!

third, to start the business, we must first have a plan


2, League reputation is good, reputation is good, you can understand from three aspects: online search, access to the union site, check the quality of advertising, see the issue of notice.

second, know what you want in the future,

advantage: shlf1314 company has strong background, but its price is relatively high, compared to other shlf1314 alliance, more concerned about the user experience, such as the shlf1314 keyword right PPC has a strong pertinence, and is charged per click, and sh419 is different, this ranking is not a simple auction but a quality score and >

first thing to be sure is, what are the standards for good money making alliances,

many young people live in the office every day during the nine to five hours. It’s a very comfortable day. I relax every day when I finish the tasks assigned by the leaders. In fact, we should relax ourselves. After all, we have been working for a whole day, and our bodies and minds are tired. However, there are still many young people who do not forget to study hard when they relax. Because they know what they want in the future. Today is because many young people don’t know now what, always thought that the task is completed the final victory, so the first step in this kind of thought is lost to those who know his doing what young people.

1, observe. Before deciding whether to make an alliance, the webmaster should observe the alliance and observe from what aspect,

many young people know what they want in the future, so they keep on trying and learning, but they ignore the most

in today’s era, there are too many opportunities for us to develop, in fact, in the hearts of many people know that work is not the only way out, so many people want to start. However, when his boss is really a very easy thing? When we are looking for new projects, may see some "easy boss" and the words, and these words are misled by some people, so many people think that this era of entrepreneurship is very simple, it is not real. But after 80, or 90, or entrepreneurial success cases abound, so we often reflect on, why not yourself? A lot of time is not you can not, but you still have a lot of places do not understand.

then you can go to the affiliate site you want to know about the quality of the ad he represents. If the advertising quality of the agent is poor, this alliance must be very poor. Because of the quality of advertisers, advertising, but also pay attention to their brand reputation, will not just look for garbage union to put on.

now on the money Union, the webmaster is recognized as a few, the following from several aspects to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of several major money making alliance.

alliance group, if the alliance group, then that’s good, because join the alliance webmaster every day inside the discussion on whether the League subgroup can make money, how much money the topic, no alliance is to build their own group, then use a 100 to publicize their alliance benefits it every day. Join the group is good, can learn from the veteran, often the opportunity will appear in the veteran of chit chat, after all, birds are all over people, know how to do to avoid detours.

work is not the only way, entrepreneurs need more clear direction! That is because most of the 80’s and 90 them before the start has made a complete plan, they have ideas, organized a piece to complete, so let them from ordinary people to compare our successful people. It is important for young people to have an idea. It is more important to have good ideas and make progress. The blind choice is to increase the failure of their chips". Well, today Xiao Bian tells you which direction you need to start a business is clear.

, first, know what you’re doing,

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