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positive attitude,

execution is Wangzhuan core, execution = stick. Not to persist, to do a good wangzhuan. You can insist on writing every day? You can insist that every update your own website? Can you do Wangzhuan? Can you hold? Only to >

everything has two sides, either good or bad; attitude is nothing more than a positive attitude and a negative attitude. If a person thinks about the negative all day, then the person is sure to cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. For example, you are just contact Wangzhuan newcomers, and you wished to learn all the skills of Wangzhuan, immediately earn more money, what want to rush is the result of what things have to do it. Positioning must be accurate, he is a Wangzhuan rookie, that position is a rookie, learn basic things, rather than to learn those things that don’t belong to you.

actually I built this blog that is Su embarrassed to write something, then he is engaged in this industry, the use of space, Sina do not think is appropriate. Not think too much, not to think about using this to make money. I’ve never taken the initiative myself to advertising. Take the initiative to sell links. It’s someone else who comes to my space to say something to buy a text link.

attitude is crucial for do anything. If you are a person you do so flighty and impetuous, what things are not successful, because you are anxious, but More haste, less speed.; all the successful people all have a good attitude, this kind of people know how to do one thing but, never complain, complain to the less than one step at a time. So, mentality dominates us to accomplish anything. We must learn to control our attitude. Learning Wangzhuan, also need a good mentality. Today, ambition and share the necessary learning Wangzhuan mentality.

helps other people to help themselves, has always liked this sentence. Whether in Wangzhuan or in reality, we must learn to pay. What to pay? Only those who learn to pay first know how to ask for it. What do you have to help others, just casually asked people to teach you and teach you Wangzhuan?? a, his name is Lei Feng, but now he has not. A lot of people may ask, I’m just a rookie, I’m nothing, I give what to pay to others, sincerely. In the network, between the human and the human is separated by a yarn, only then takes own sincerity, can teach the real friend. Friends walk more smoothly, remember to remember.

many join Wangzhuan novice friends perhaps always complain, why he Qizaotanhei all day in front of the computer in the global forum, day and night study, why can end up feeling what did not learn, even think that those so-called forum teach things are deceptive, more serious, some friends began to suspect Wangzhuan give up your. But there are friends of part, there are still regret and feelings of Wangzhuan, also diligently every day to no purpose to see the project see article. In the course of time, found himself more learned but less and less, resulting in Wangzhuan road more confused and confused. In the end, what should I do? In fact, I give the answer is: mentality.

adhere to the mentality of

recently wrote articles blog sujiong/archives/105, a lot of friends made comments, friends support, opposition is also quite a lot. Should we make money on blogs?. How do you make money,

pays attention to


everyone has different ideas and different values. Maybe the difference is different. But I want all my friends to be good at blogging. Whether you make money or not. Or have you been investing?. I hope to have your name on the list.

some people support, some people oppose, support, I will not say, I will say objection. Some people say that we are all non-profit blogs, and we are all interested in our own hobbies. If it is to make money and write, it will become a pressure from the original intention. I want to say, I do not have any pressure, I also did not leave the original intention, I have been insisting writing what I want to write. I didn’t think about any way to make money. The only difference is that my blog made a link to the ad. There are several articles on this topic. Some people say that making little money makes little sense. I just want to say. I really earned the domain name fees and server fees. I’m still taller than you, PR.

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