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therefore, the establishment of M & G service, the strategic significance is not to improve the financial closed loop, but to serve the ecological chain enterprises millet.

from the end of last year, millet is in question under the spotlight. After the rise of many domestic mobile phone manufacturers, the advantages of millet cost-effective began to decline. As a mobile phone manufacturers, millet can tell the story is not much. Another big concept beckons to millet, Internet banking.

millet as a sales star story is chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival.

millet had to do


6, millet Internet financial business now has basically completed the layout, including payment, wallet, finance, securities, chips, bank. Among them, the position of equity investors may be more special, because it seems to be financial products, but in fact he has other uses.

re opened mail:

millet has recently become the darling of the Internet banking circle, has exposed the public to raise platforms, meters, gold clothing and private banks, millet bank two heavyweight products preparatory message. Rice has not yet been on the line, it has appeared in all the chips to raise the portal home navigation home.

in an industry view, the public equity raised this step, millet sooner or later to go the flag. From Shun to capital investment path can be seen, millet Department of capital platform is the first principle, to serve the ecological chain of millet business.

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in this atmosphere, Millet’s 100 eco chain enterprise investment plan is implemented as usual. Among them, the congregation raised equity is ecological chain in the capital side of the extension. Some of the early VC projects do not seem to require exports, or VC believes that projects with too much risk need to spread risk. In addition, many projects also show demand.

media reports said, millet has invested more than 50 eco chain enterprises, Shun participated in most of the enterprise investment. In the past more than 50 years, new investment accounted for about half of the total investment in the past year. From 2014 millet began to layout ecological chain enterprises, as the capital of the most important investment direction is intelligent hardware. Unfortunately, the development of smart hardware in the country is not satisfactory, there are many items on the shelf, the real innovation is still rare species.

millet do equity raise this matter, for many industry professionals is no accident, it is almost a step millet have to go. But millet is entering a good pit? Is not necessarily.

equity raising


Lei Jun has been unable to sit still. Earlier this year’s internal speech, Lei Jun said millet to implement the KPI strategy, not to mention millet first, sales data is no longer so important, should be bold to explore and enjoy the fun of technology". May internal letter is directly adjusted, millet mobile R & D and supply chain team to report to Lei Jun.

, the name of Wang, or everyone is strange, but cheating GG friend should be no stranger to him, I also know him through an article written by him. He said he applied for more than 100 accounts for cheating, the success rate was around 50%, and he heard that he had an account K, but after a week, GG and he opened again, related screenshots:

Wang said GG related policy has begun to change the local, audit accounts first through the machine, machine that you have suspected of cheating will K your account, and then automatically send a letter of what gives advertisers a huge risk, to close the account mail to you this is the machine automatically issued but GG began to humanity. To avoid the error of K, so I joined the manual review, as long as the data is consistent with common sense, we can live off the artificial.


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