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HUAWEI’s supply chain of war

in the minds of the audience

our collection is used in these second ways.

recently, Samsung for Apple’s upcoming new mobile phone prepared 75 million OLED screen news, widely rumored. Although Samsung and apple did not confirm the two sides, but a supply chain around the Samsung OLED screen will not be able to fight. From the Taiwan media "electronic times" news said, because Samsung and apple took OLED nearly 80% of production capacity, HUAWEI only 8% of models can use OLED screen.

is focused on forums and interactive platforms, where he has a large amount of information. There is also one of the most important search habits and competition between websites.

first briefly explain my this method, in fact, very simple, that is, to collect content, generate HTML, and then let sh419 a large number of included. Some people will say, I often do some collection work, but I did not come to any big flow ah. Oh, I want to tell you, this is about to see your collection is what? I collected are collected and focus only on the forum, the forum of stationmaster of the work, at present most of the online forum I have been visited, so I in this regard has made no small return.

is very happy today, to the webmaster to talk about how I do Wangzhuan forum from sh419 to IP 10 thousand. Has been secretly excited to make big flow technology. It’s the way I’ve been using it for the past two years. It once brought me 20 thousand IP at the height of the day.

users often search for them. We found that the content and Internet forum postings using sh419’s motivation is very similar to the two search and forums are complementary, people can not find the search forum to ask people, or the forum did not find search so that sh419 now has a Post Bar. Some of the posts in the forums are very similar to search keywords

more importantly, Samsung seems intentionally limited to HUAWEI’s OLED screen supply. Sources from the supply chain said that in 2017, OPPO and vivo had signed a procurement agreement with Samsung to ensure that both companies could earn 13% and 10% of the global OLED panel capacity this year. At the same time, Jin also got the Samsung OLED screen share, and used in high-end flagship M2017.

search habits

there is no doubt that HUAWEI in the mobile phone to the high-end market with Samsung and Apple’s three points in the world, the supply chain must fight this tough battle, but must win. It now appears that Samsung’s pressure on the supply chain HUAWEI greater, and now there is no mature supplier to support HUAWEI’s high-end models.

Most of the content on

may be due to not get enough curved screen from Samsung, HUAWEI listed in 2017 flagship P10 is not equipped with curved screen models. According to Taiwan media reports, HUAWEI in 2017 to receive only 8% from the hands of Samsung’s capacity, if you use the curved screen on the flagship model P10, will undoubtedly repeat long time out of history, which is HUAWEI’s losses can not be estimated.

last year, HUAWEI introduced a curved screen in the high-end model Mate9 Pro, which will HUAWEI mobile phone brand pulled to an unprecedented height. Nightmares, however, begin with the curved screen. A serious shortage, let HUAWEI bear hunger marketing infamy. Now it seems that HUAWEI is really wronged.

acquisition will certainly have effect? I tell you, my this method, it must be effective, before and now effective, and later will also be effective. Unless there is no search! As long as there is a search, it will update the content included, but as long as we can do a lot of pages for the search included, will be able to bring traffic, isn’t it? And a large number of pages the fastest way is through the collection.

in many domestic mobile phone brands, HUAWEI is undoubtedly the fastest growing, Samsung’s biggest threat to mobile phone brands. In recent years, HUAWEI in the high-end mobile phone market has a foothold, have the ability to challenge Samsung and Samsung, which is in the supply chain to suppress the cause of HUAWEI. The well-known industry analyst Pan Jiutang also said: in addition to restrict the HUAWEI on the screen, Samsung to supply HUAWEI memory, image sensor price is higher than that of other manufacturers, HUAWEI was forced to buy on the spot market.

you know, doing traffic from search is the fastest and most effective way, and so there are always people doing harm, and some people are constantly being blocked. We also start with the search, but we don’t cheat. We provide a lot of content to search for, and then let the search steady to bring us traffic.

, let’s get to the point,

technology innovation bottleneck urgently needs to break through

from the search traffic in two ways, one is the popular keywords, such as "forum", if you are at the top of the page, a day from Laiyiwanduo above IP, but it was too dangerous, you will disappear after two days, not a permanent solution. One is a child page that brings traffic through a large collection of methods. This method is better, a keyword, the amount is not large, but if we set up hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of small words, the amount is not small case. In fact, the amount here is actually more impressive than the popular ones.

from the domestic mobile phone manufacturers strategic planning is not difficult to find, 2017 will be the first year of universal surface screen. Without a curved screen, the high-end image of HUAWEI phones will be compromised, especially in the international market. In fact, in addition to the curved screen, HUAWEI’s high-end models of supply chain has been Samsung crackdown.

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