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in 2009 for another network company, the manager of the company was to think that I do not understand the Internet, said the cost of building a website to offer me a few K, the task is 5K, if only the completion of 5K, the company will lose money. I am thinking, can receive the website of 5K, be inferior to I do, so from a full-time clerk changed into one to do his business, oneself do the integrated cattle man that does a website. Every month can do 2 or so websites, still can go. Suddenly want to do a large portal, so the Qiandongnan hotline site was born, and become the station master.

last year, Hanting Hotels group changed its name to China living hotel group. "China live" can do it today. I don’t think it’s the result of disruptive innovation. It’s just a different way of thinking and idea. I am IT technology origin, so no matter do, like home, Chinese front courtyard or so, each enterprise has very strong ERP department, I think software is management thought of precipitation and summary. I have participated in the four listed companies in the entrepreneurial process, one of the biggest inspiration is, Chinese service market is very large, successful not because I am capable or clever, I didn’t get the capital, it is because I am different dimensions from different angles, and re-examine the industry.

doesn’t sell advertising and sell ideas. Our sales staff, our candid client, this is a new website, but it will be the largest local portal in the near future. What we need is whoever, to check the local information on the Internet, as long as you enter the key word, you can easily find. The search took a big name: Qiandongnan Baidu, and refined to can find out the breakfast shop telephone, can find out the driver pull goods plate telephone, can find out our daily life for all aspects of the business phone…… than Baidu data. To refine the search, to convenient than the rich 118114. More importantly, not in front of customers to show your shortcomings, very confident to tell him, now for all of your business is an opportunity, a little money to achieve good results opportunities. My advertising fee is 365 yuan a year, every day as long as one yuan, some businesses try holding the attitude, some businesses directly that is for our good ideas to support a year of advertising, some businesses are confident that we can help them to do publicity.

the high-end market? The reason is a return on investment. Many luxury hotels in China invest heavily in imported crystal lamps, thermocline, huge central halls, central air-conditioning and marble…… I think this is the investors do not understand the industry. As a matter of fact, the Chinese can’t do luxury from the luxury of another generation to two generations.

our road map is the same as many Chinese companies. First of all, to cover grassroots – through the low economy and mid-range hotels to accumulate cash flow, we last year is 8 hundred million of revenue, this year there should be more than 10 billion yuan of cash flow. If the current 1000 hotels expanded to 5000, then the next conservative estimate is 4 billion yuan of cash flow. Cash flow, scale, and the high growth of the Chinese market make the PE valuation of the hotel industry higher than that of developed countries such as the United states. Of course, with the development of the industry, but also precipitated a number of customer base, so it is expected that our high-end brands with foreign brands will have PK.

I am different from many webmaster is that this site is my only source of income, even if a person did not see, but also have to let it support me, began to stress the road to making money. I checked on the Internet, a website to make money is nothing more than a few ways: advertising fees, membership fees, site alliances, selling products. But look, the site is new sites, no clicks, to sell products, and that’s what I will buy, obviously not. Do website alliance, nobody clicks, where comes income, oneself dot can not calculate. Membership fees, my website is not marriage, friends, etc., need to serve members, nor can. That’s the charge for advertising. That no one see the website, who pays for advertising, after thinking, plus my business experience, thinking through.

"the external rise of a country is actually an extension of its internal forces."." This sentence is very good. So is the state, so is the enterprise, and so is the individual. Your power, your rise is internal, not external, so the biggest challenge for me is >

foreign star hotel to China, all with the same name. For example, Hilton, from two to five-star are called Hilton, which is actually made brand taboo. Our strategy is to encircle and occupy the commanding heights. I won’t hit the city in a city, but at a very fast rate. For example, the "whole season" model is determined after the rapid expansion in the country, and this is also the past, such as the Chinese front courtyard and home practices, in a short period of time to get the capital market, customers and franchisees attention.

in 2005, one of the country’s worst colleges and universities, computer network professional graduation, and even the computer hardware is not understood, the installation system will not, really sad to think of it. Do the technology, you say who will, and must not be in a small can no longer small network company to work, do up the market salesman, is responsible for the company to meet the website business. In place of this network based backward, even the computer does not have a few, you say how many people will do, but confidence is high and I chose pain persist, while doing business along with colleagues technical school website, unconscious love do the work.

as the law of the jungle states: "tall trees in the virgin forest have the most sunshine and rain.". We get customers, investment and franchisees, come back to do cleaning, wipe out the remnant of the enemy". At present, the Blitz in China’s business is relatively effective.

‘s biggest challenge is its own

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