Yammer China’s pioneers business model doubtMaster JohnChow and Shoemoney Wangzhuan interview


their most feared, perhaps, is that the market is shaped and the entry of giants is inevitable,

to write wosohoAbout

enterprise software 2, namely the enterprise social networking service, means that the use of enterprise software, from linear to WEB on the lower level to the mutual collaboration, social networking, mobile transfer, so that employees in the operation of enterprise software, from passive to active participants executor.

JohnChow’s blog income is $fifty thousand a month, although less than Shoemoney, but John Chow Dot Com John Chow is only a small part of the income of people, there is a relatively early TheTechZone and later laptopgamers’s, have brought huge Wangzhuan income for John Chow.

if you just started to write a blog or not familiar with Wangzhuan foreigners say make money online, then let Griswold introduces JohnChow and Shoemoney, they are my goal:

in the United States, enterprise 2 model has been verified, the domestic enterprise 2 software is also regarded as Yammer synchronization assistant or pixel level Copy. Domestic enterprises 2 software learners roughly a few, in addition to the famous Yammer, Jive and 37signals, and the other is in the domestic little-known ning.



Shoemoney is not the most famous blogger Jeremy, but it really loud shlf1314 AdSense check, September 05 Jeremy claimed by SEO made a $132994.97 income Wangzhuan in the month of August, this $132 thousand check Wangzhuan was also later borrowed a lot of people to recruit students or offline the bait.

Ning is famous, the founder of the well-known venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz executives and Silicon Valley Biancini Godfather Mark · Anderson Marc Andreessen, the amount of financing reached $119 million. The essence of Ning apart from other sites is that it allows users to create their own mini communities, such as users who want to stay with high school students

in fact, compared with Ma Yun, such a grassroots wealth hero is more worthy of study, they alone WordPress and efforts to achieve such achievements.

last June in Yammer heady time, Microsoft announced a $1 billion 200 million merger. After the merger, Yammer became part of the Microsoft Office division, and, in addition to continuing to be sold as an independent product, the Yammer software was also integrated into the enterprise collaboration products by Microsoft.

this check, like Johnchow’s Blog Income Report see John Chow’s Soho life, has helped them win a lot of attention, which has become a very successful marketing approach for building a blog brand.


interviewed John, Chow and Shoemoney a few days ago with MyMicroFund and ten different answers to the same question. Original address: w>

Yammer? Plainly, it’s an enterprise version of micro-blog that can only be registered through the company’s mailbox and interact with its internal staff and claims to have more than 5 million certified corporate users. However, as Yammer features and applications gradually increase, the functionality of Yammer has also escalated, and these new applications include voting, chatting, activity, linking, themes, questions and answers, ideas, and so on.

What is

they may have not yet entered the mainstream media attention vision, but with the Internet and cloud platform deep, enterprise software change — Zhou Hongyi had recently can hardly be avoided in a semi public occasions expressed great recognition of the potential for change in this area, said the 360 now has not decided the future is to do or not to do.

is the first to mention the differences between domestic and foreign Wangzhuan, China webmaster or a blogger or low-key, to make money through the network that, although full of joy but never mentioned. Griswold guessed that one was taught by traditional virtues, and the two didn’t make much money.

, they are Chinese apprentices of Yammer, or more willing to be called "enterprise software 2 edition", most of which have not yet entered the A round of financing, and a group of bright and dark pioneers.

today, let’s take a look at the current survival of these water test pilots.

comparison, regardless of the Wangzhuan or otherwise Soho life, the higher the degree of acceptance of Europe and the United States, make money online or SOHO at home, not only is not a shame, its social status is much higher than even senior white-collar workers. Anyway, make enough money for middle class, even successful people, and that’s why you don’t have the looks, the charm, the charm, the Shoemoney, and your fans.

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