Zhang Yiming headlines today his every word was wrongForeign CPA 4 years how to share my monthly in

is how to talk, some forum, some methods, but most of them are things of the past, the same sentence AM heard many times, he still believe? Boats are preparing a number of characteristics of the template according to their own experience, these templates are small fly according to their recent the application experience of alliance wrote, today for using this template alliance, tomorrow with another, so the application effect is very significant. I’ve also saved and recorded a lot of conversations with union managers, AIM, or email conversations, and the English language is not very good

note: among the group of Internet entrepreneurs in the 2014, the most impressive group is, of course, the generation born around 1984. Compared with those who are still looking for investment and fleeting 90, they have clearly taken a firm foothold in the business world after 60 and 70. Are on the new generation of historical stage of the 80 Internet entrepreneurs, compared with the first generation of Internet users, they are not only satisfied with technical innovation, change changed the governance structure of Chinese modern companies.

open a new business in 1984 compared to the first generation of entrepreneurs this is Haier, Lenovo and other famous enterprises set up a wave of science and technology, 30th anniversary today, the rise was born 84 years before and after the class 80 "1984 generation", has also experienced a long but fairly stable although the economic boom is boarded a new generation the historical stage of the 80 Internet entrepreneurs, compared with the first generation of the Internet, they are more than satisfied with the micro innovation technology, changed the governance structure of modern company Chinese. With the trend of cloud fleeting compared to 90, they have been mostly in 50, 60, 70 after being in the business world to gain a foothold.


why do you say "Huyou", because the old Americans have discrimination against the Chinese people, you have to pretend to be a foreigner, and is an experienced foreigner to cpa. Flicker is the main process of self introduction, to do their own experience in CPA, their website, written in detail and unique, especially how to promote OFFER, this must write highlights. One of the most important points is that you have to prove that you are playing regularly.

raises an important reason is the 1990s Silicon Valley start-ups, most founder of high-tech companies gathered in the bay area first successful technology companies have already retired, and he became a venture capitalist, which is the prototype of the modern angel investors, they have huge wealth, and the later technology entrepreneurs have a natural good.

China is the same, just a few years later, around 1998, China’s first generation of Internet Co was born. In 2014, Sina chairman Cao Guowei, Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang, LETV chairman Jia Yueting, chairman of millet Lei Jun, founder of New Oriental Xu Xiaoping this group benefited from the reform and opening up and innovation of Internet technology entrepreneurs, China started to become a new generation of angel investment, the activity of capital market directly promote Chinese those younger and more creative entrepreneurs with an impossible speed to complete the accumulation of wealth and technological breakthroughs.

the most basic boats here is not to say, today I talk to you how to apply for a foreign League account, because recently some friends and boats said he even union account are not eligible for operation, lead task is out of the question. In fact, for the union account is not difficult, unless there is some good first-line or second-line alliance, common alliance, is relatively simple, here on how I was under the boats.

Hello everyone I am little, 07 years in September to join the foreign Wangzhuan has been nearly four years of time, the recent global global forum found a little domestic domestic Wangzhuan project a lot of money most of dragons and fishes jumbled together, including opportunistic components, small today is intended to fit for everyone to talk can make you a monthly income of $20000 or even a thousand knives foreign Wangzhuan lead.

Abstract in this wave of the rise of 80 entrepreneurs, Zhang Yiming is quite representative. In the fierce collision with the traditional content production industry, today’s headlines founder Zhang Yiming is a face he had never encountered the scene, he how to adjust themselves, under the copyright caused by commercial competition, his true intentions and what is

first build a good English station, the appearance must be good-looking, not good-looking, then AM League Manager will be the first to shoot you off. I didn’t feel anything at first. What else did I talk about later?. So do stand must pass, this is a very necessary premise! He will not build the website, you can find someone to design Taobao, you can also follow my blog about the "stop" method to achieve, simple and easy.


titanium special media partners blog world launched a new generation project 1984, this is the series of papers Zhang yiming. Zhang Yiming was born in 1983 on behalf of a rise in this wave of violent clashes with traditional entrepreneurs, in the fierce collision with the traditional content production industry, Zhang Yiming founder of today’s headlines is a face he had never encountered the field "

is ready to apply for information about the League for example, name, address, SSN, etc., and prepare communication tools, mainly for mail and AIM. Then login to the application’s affiliate site, fill in all the steps and confirm the submission. Submitted directly through the AIM this communication tool, or mail to contact the League of AM, directly to its flicker.

As for the specific

on some foreign Wangzhuan friends may not know much, you can go to some foreign Wangzhuan forum, can also go to little Wangzhuan blog: www.leadpeixun learning, boats will regularly publish the latest foreign CPA tutorial.

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