Food market for nternet advertising in twenty first CenturyMobile phone advertising praised

first is the "agent", advertisers as intermediary, on the one hand to contact the website into its distribution network, on the other hand, the issue of network advertising space sold to customers, a simple type based intermediary buy down. Second may be called the "exchange", the intermediary business set up an advertising agency platform for advertisers by direct delivery or bid each other to directly buy the issue on the network advertisement position, this is a high-end stage for the development of Internet advertising, Internet advertising in the collection site


at the same time, an intermediary market based on online advertising has matured and differentiated into two different intermediary forms.

if this growth rate continues to develop, after a few years, the Internet advertising for many businesses will not be an optional choice. In other words, the pressure from peer competition will make most businesses that do not have advertising costs on the Internet now have to spend some of their advertising spending on the internet. Once this becomes a trend, the Internet advertising may be in a very short period of time facing a shortage situation, which will give the number of dedicated Internet advertising market, bring amazing returns and market expansion opportunities.

network advertising market competition pattern


Internet advertising business opportunities unlimited

but with a 3.15 party and how many advertisers dream of being destroyed overnight, some companies have paid a heavy price for it, and have not yet fully recovered. Coupled with the policy of increasing regulation of mobile advertising, many advertisers have begun to bypass the mobile advertising gold, or to seek new advertising model. But in the market, the existence is reasonable. Mobile advertising, which has been a big goldmine for a long time. Everyone saw that, and faced with such a huge gold mine, how many people were drooling?". Now, from the point of view of publicity, for new media, mobile advertising is very good. But from the practice of the market, is praised. Because 3G licenses are not issued, the future of new media to what, are on the sidelines. But from the 2G mobile phone advertising, direct advertising is still the mainstream of the class. However, the policy of SMS advertising began banned, operators can not because it earned this little money, the hands of hundreds of billions of brands to make a little negative impact. Therefore, the advertising market for SMS is in a state of underground development. And some of the big advertisers began to start with mobile phone newspapers and MMS, but in general, 3.15 of the previous special features of the scene.

twenty-first Century today, more and more people join the Internet, online shop, online blog, web site, online shopping, online dating…… the network life and the reality of our increasingly separated

current status of online advertising market in China

face mobile advertising, this has been talked about fifth media, has been considered to be a big gold mine. In order to get more gold from the large gold mine, in all walks of life can be said to some companies eager for a fight, in the future layout of the bigger picture, costly to plunge into the new media industry. Before 3.15, many advertisers became the first to eat crabs, making many of them through SMS advertising. At the time that the industry has to do the advertising messages like money almost, how many companies Mister when sleeping, still laughing. At that time, mobile advertising was fired on the day, many advertisers have said that the new media officially arrived, how the big gold mine has a promising future. It can be said that the whole nation cheered.

2007 China online advertising alliance market overall size of 1 billion 630 million yuan, compared with 930 million yuan in 2006, an increase of 75.2%. Advertising alliance, an important component of online advertising market, has become the focus of attention and investment at present. With the arrival of the 2008 Olympic Games, the online advertising alliance market will continue to maintain rapid growth. It is expected that the overall scale of China’s online advertising alliance in 2008 will reach 1 billion 860 million yuan, and the future has a very good prospects for development.

from the market maturity point of view, online advertising has gone through the basic stage of exploration, and began to market segmentation and standardization of technology.

in the face of today’s market situation, some ads >

‘s first multimedia browser was introduced to the public in 1994 in the form of free Netscape Co, banner ads based on Web pages have grown. This is the beginning of Internet advertising. Over the next decade or so, the dominant position of banner advertising based on non search technology has been gradually replaced by search technology, positioning more accurate keyword ads. At the same time, advertising pricing standards from extensive, according to the general amount of web visits to charge CPM, to the exact advertising revenue generated by the actual business charges CPA.

some time ago and a friend about mobile phone advertising, the friend first to the sentence: "spam"? I am very depressed at the time when you hear these words, but then think carefully, is perfectly logical and reasonable. First of all, from a user’s point of view, when you don’t use your mobile phone to log on to the network, there is no advertising content other than text messages and mms. Coupled with the media to SMS types of advertising to be demonized, this spam message image will quickly set up in the minds of users. Because China has been a good thing since ancient times, not to go out, bad news spread thousands of miles. Sometimes, spreading false propaganda, this illusion will spread quickly. So, let me depressed is also a matter of course, so that the media industry is also a matter of course. Because the mobile phone advertising, now indeed appeared praised situation.

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