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1 for the electronic card, unified payment after the event to account, then please pay attention to my China-pub and my coupon card".

activity, the order is filled with 180 yuan, and a "2008 5% off discount card" is given.


, and when it comes to making $3000 a month, choosing a project is critical. Before you do the project, how much do you want to do for the project, such as the profit model, the core of the profit, the method of achieving the maximum profit and how others realize the profit?


1 2200 colleges and universities nationwide purchase books, exclusive VIP preferential & service

, I’m Chu fan, and here we share the process of how Taobao stores quickly create unique brand effects.

activity content:

230 thousand kinds of university textbooks, 490 thousand kinds of books 2-8 fold,

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During the

orders payable 50 yuan, freight only 3.5 yuan / single!

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university users buy 50 yuan, the national free shipping

first say, do Taobao shop, how to achieve monthly earned 3000 yuan.

2 during the event, a member ID is limited to one.

said Taobao’s market environment is a good situation, followed by the basic conditions for opening stores. The following direction, today’s topic, how to achieve new projects to earn 3000 yuan monthly, as well as how to quickly build new store brand effect. These are Taobao’s new shopkeeper’s relatively concern, I will be my friend ice butterfly tears do Taobao shop a few experience, to share.

freight free

two free shipping

said the following today’s business, Taobao is now the rules are very simple, 18 years of age, through the Alipay real name authentication, upload the reality for 10 baby you can open your shop. For the time being, the whole network has not been implemented, and of course, the whole network will also be implemented in January 2011. This is also the starting point of the future Taobao market. The whole network to protect the implementation of the more effective restraint Taobao shop shopkeeper behavior, but also to protect the interests of consumers. Let a lot of love loophole Taobao shopkeeper has taken into account.

network express, EMS, etc. to delivery, weight billing channels except

unique alliance

Taobao shop has become a very familiar online shopping sites, the traditional shopping concept to buy food, go to the food market to buy clothes, go to the super clothing market. However, through the popularity of the Internet in recent years, online shopping is no longer trendy behavior. The vast majority of people have online shopping experience, and the preferred online shopping is second to none naturally Taobao. For example, although the Tencent pat ah, sh419 and eBay are well-known online shopping website, Taobao and Alipay as means of payment guarantee transaction resulting in a lot of people are choosing Taobao shopping, the shopkeeper more carefully to do service, guarantee buyers more shopping zero risk. The number of people shopping through Taobao is increasing, and on an average day, Taobao’s turnover can be calculated at 1 billion. I think you see here. If you don’t have a manager for online shopping, you’re a little OUT.


campus discount price

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

actually do a lot of Taobao shop on veteran income is better for hundreds of thousands or even higher, but for what I want to say today is a monthly income of 3000 for the vast majority of no investment, no supply purchase new dispensers. Below said my friend to do the project fast charge industry, he in physical sales and virtual sales between choose to do virtual sales. This is also the vast majority of novice Taobao shopkeeper only way, virtual goods sales no logistics, no backlog advantage. And hundreds of investment can be agent, and began to do their own Taobao shop. It belongs to small investment projects and is suitable for most people.


3 after the event, a single order transaction at least 50 yuan, you can use the discount card, the annual limit 5 times.

network express, EMS, etc. to delivery, weight billing channels except

more than 2200 colleges and universities nationwide teachers and students to enjoy only the whole network of the lowest "campus preferential price"

during the event, the purchase of 80 yuan, plus only 1 yuan to get 17CM China-pub customized teddy bear one,

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three Limited delivery value, 2008 discount discount card,

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first let you know the domestic league dynamics,


The daily income

four each China-pub custom teddy bear only 1 yuan new debut,

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