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in 2010, 1 months after the launch of the Instagram, it has 1 million users.

on his own Instagram

in other words, such a small company, showing in 8 years of innovation ability, more than two American aircraft manufacturers and Chinese ace sports system, this is not only due to the ability of individuals to see more musk, support the role of the whole social system of the company.

recently, a man named Nicole Schuetz in "Vogue" the bride magazine exposed his full details in the famous American NAPA Wine Xiang Bai Li European wedding Valley winery, and the wedding of the actor is Instagram founder and CEO Kevin – strom Kevin Systrom.

is Musk’s entry into the space launch field. In June 2002, musk invested 100 million U.S. dollars to create SpaceX. On the one hand, his love of space, and on the other hand, Mask believes that a large part of the cost of space launch is engulfed by huge administrative agencies.

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, more representative than SpaceX, is the development of the US shale gas industry, which is more complex and more uncertain.


these love stories that happened in 90s have accomplished several elites and created several leading enterprises.

Internet access to knowledge more easily, a lot of past confidential design drawings can now be easily obtained; and the communication system and the financing system is developed, also let SpaceX famous, sustained attention, and NASA investment trust and order. These previously only large companies have the ability to make flexible, efficient small and medium-sized companies are increasingly frightening innovation.

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in exclaim, people gradually moved to the Nicole body, in addition to her Kevin Systrom’s wife, is also a clean energy company founder and CEO, and Kevin is the Stanford University business students.

Instagram’s first photo – Dolly – X-Pro Il filter


, the winner of the 2012 fortune 40 business elite under 40, has won a high praise for "551 days" + "13 employees" = "access to nearly 30 million iOS users".

compared to the luxury wedding of Nicole and Kevin, the wedding ceremony held by Robin Li and in October 10, 1995 was extremely simple.

was then monopolized by Boeing and Lockheed ·, Martin’s two largest groups of space launch alliances, with an average single offer of $400 million. And in June 2010 the successful launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket orbit maximum capacity to reach 10.45 tons more than 9.2 tons of Chinese Long March 2F, while single launch costs only about $35 million, price of about $50 million, lower than the original "cabbage price" Chinese long march rocket $60 million.

Kevin first Nicole


Kevin Strom & Nicole Schuetz


Robin Li & Melissa

expansion of local oil and gas resources development and production is one of the most important energy strategies in the United States. In recent years, the development of shale gas exploration and development in the United States has been amazing. In 2004, there were only 2900 shale gas wells in the United States. By 2009, the number of shale gas producing wells reached 98590. In 2011, the number of new shale gas wells reached 10173. The development of shale gas in the United States, improve the level of the U.S. energy self-sufficiency, American dependence on foreign energy fell to the lowest level since 1980s, to become the first refinery exports in 60 years, in 2009 has surpassed Russia became the largest producer of natural gas.

on weekdays, in addition to dealing with corporate affairs, Nicole will also be responsible for taking care of Keivin’s quite famous "net red" pet dog Dolly.

The most typical example of

and today we use Instagram to shoot beautiful photos, you also have to thank the "Mrs. Instagram", because Nicole think this should be used as a photo of the first X-Pro II Kevin Instagram filter design is born in Nicole under bluntly suggested not good-looking.

recently visited China Tesla CEO Elon Musk, · set off a small electric car boom. But as a successful serial entrepreneur, studying the environment that supports his success is far more important than analyzing individuals and products.

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