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was a watershed in 2013 the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, and China seems to have embarked on a "reform and restart" path. Sohu finance and Cheung Kong business school survey shows that economists are generally concerned about land reform, followed by the internationalization of the RMB, simplified approval, household registration, pension, etc., are related to the vital interests of the people. Land reform is among the top priority.

Guo Guangchang: the future of China’s economy may enter a middle and high speed development stage, Fosun long-term optimistic about consumption, especially consumption upgrades related areas of investment.

time in 2014 almost a month, according to the China traditional lunar new year, we will soon enter the year of the horse. For the majority of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, we will face what kind of a horse? China 2014 is to deepen the reform of the first year, the RMB is also likely to breaking 6 into 5 "a year, the new" company law "implemented in the year, we have seen the government to give the private economy more and more support. To relax the restrictions and create conditions to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, at the same time," 2014 was the year of the 4G"…… Startups in 2014, will face is such a mixed economic environment. Here are some of the policies and trends of the 2014 that we have consolidated in the media reports that will have an impact on the business:

powerless webmaster can only wait here, waiting, waiting……

I hope the owners of the webmaster can do something for us and get back the money we owe us. We are very hard, it is really hard to do the standing. Hard-earned money is really not easy.

in 2014, the RMB exchange rate "break 6 into 5" has been a very probability event.

in 2013, 41% of entrepreneurs thought earnings were "better than before", 33% maintained normal, and optimistic entrepreneurs were as high as 74%. From the industry distribution, film, vertical electric providers, mobile Internet and other emerging industries are relatively optimistic about the profitability, especially in the film as a typical cultural industry rapid growth in 2013; but some manufacturing enterprises on earnings expectations relatively pessimistic.

, we’re the station owners, making money for you. You’ve got used to it. Just want to buckle too much?. We continue to the top of you, but our hard-earned money down the drain, you owe us money, we must come back, we like the same migrant workers. Still have to rush every day, no matter you are impatient, but we still have to ask, you are bored. You can ignore us, you dry, you can not answer our phone.

is a powerful weapon to you because we are owners, we are not going to find you a little money, we do not have the ability to organize together to tell you, you can continue to drag, but I want to let every one of you do in advertising webmaster and will do your advertisement all know. Your style is how to drag on how to drag, you are subordinate to the company, you do not have the right to leapfrog, you do not have the courage to ask superiors, your daily nonsense is pre copied good. I beg you to put the money back to us, we can only helpless waiting here, waiting for your superiors in here can see here, don’t hope to be able to drag our money in our money from April until May until June until July until August 13th, as of today, I do not know how many people received in May the Commission, at least I have not received.

Zhang Jindong: 2014 China economy will be the depth of the adjustment period, a series of new policy reform may sacrifice short-term economic growth, economic downward trend is obvious, but in the long term, will bring new vitality to economic development, promote more optimized structure.

two, the RMB continued to appreciate, the exchange rate is likely to "break 6 into 5"


economist Li Daokui analysis pointed out that in 2014 China’s economy, in general, there is still pressure to slow down growth. Because at this stage it is still difficult to find a new round of growth force point. Although the urbanization is expected to be China future economic growth, but to the "big pie" can be directly converted to enjoy the delicacy, also need to be further refined.

"We expect to follow the RMB exchange rate reform and the market," said Justin Chan, CO head of HSBC Asia Pacific markets at

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