Xiamen University of Technology to build a platform for innovation and Entrepreneurship

want to create their own career in this society, and long-term stability of the foundation, the need for entrepreneurs with the spirit of innovation. Xiamen University of Technology dream workshop college students innovation and entrepreneurship competition in the recently concluded, providing a platform for the dream of College students.

a wisp of "sunshine" Kaixinzhi

a "weapon" to cut thorns

"colleges and universities to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship education is not for the purpose of helping students to entrepreneurship, but education." Chen Wenzhe, Dean of Xiamen University of Technology, believes that it is easier for college students to master the entrepreneurial skills, but it is difficult to develop creative thinking to achieve the transformation of ideas. Therefore, the key problem to be solved in the innovation and entrepreneurship education is the development of creative thinking. As long as the creative thinking of students as a "weapon", can break on the road of business.

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