E commerce period how traditional enterprises play electricity supplier operators

two years ago, we are still talking about the traditional enterprise into electricity supplier "blessing disaster" dispute, and now, the traditional enterprise e-commerce has been an indisputable fact. A group of leading enterprises have early scale, such as Haier, Gome, good children, many enterprises in the electricity supplier development as one of the key strategic development of the company, it can be said that in the rapid development of mobile Internet today, the traditional enterprise future market success, is the successful operation of e-commerce market.

but, on the other hand, we also see that the traditional electricity providers to do business, like suddenly entered a new field, no experience, no talent, hard, how to succeed in the new competition in the electricity supplier, has become a new problem in traditional enterprises.

business success is the key to enterprise network marketing operations, because e-commerce is not to build a business website or electronic mall, but through the Internet this new channel to make money. And successful enterprise network marketing operations must control the following points.

first of all, e-commerce development must be elevated to the company’s strategic height,

in many traditional enterprises, e-commerce is just a branch of the marketing department, or a few people to build a small department, understanding of enterprise to stay in business to open a shop, an online shopping mall, do not provide the necessary guarantee for enterprise business operation. In fact, the enterprise must first know macroscopically and understand the online e-commerce business model, the scale and influence, and the future of a clear upward trend and great potential, and from the electricity supplier channels, brands, products, services, personnel and other aspects of the comprehensive consideration, the future development of the electricity supplier and the basic organizational structure. In this way, it is possible to do business, electricity providers really do, and do long-term, until the rapid change in e-commerce market environment in an invincible position.

secondly, the sales platform that matches the development of the company chooses

e-commerce channel development today, C2C has Tmall, Jingdong, group purchase, banks, payment platform and other sales platform, B2C, C2B, O2O and many other online shopping mode, a computer, mobile phone, TV, and even bank ATM machine display terminal. Faced with the numerous electricity supplier environment, the choice of electricity supplier sales channels, it directly determines the success or failure of the future development of enterprise electricity supplier. The choice of channels should take full account of the current brand situation, product structure, consumer groups, profit margins and so on. Comprehensive evaluation of online business to carry out the impact of the line, the company for the next 3-5 years, the positioning of the electricity supplier and executable investment budget.

for small enterprises, it is recommended to start from Tmall, Jingdong and other platforms to open their own sales store, less investment, quick results, and quickly develop their own electricity supplier philosophy and talent pool. For medium-sized enterprises, with the current mainstream B2C settled shop, store and sales distribution based, build their own business official website or business platform, comprehensive consideration of the brand’s Internet communication and brand influence formation. For large integrated type >

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