Operation strategy of county local real estate network

in some areas, a certain period of time, the local real estate net profitability even more powerful than the local portal, which attracted nearly every county area, have their own local real estate net, even from the real estate network also derived segments, such as focusing on the rental market to real estate rental network, and focus on local the local second-hand real estate website and so on, and so many different types or segments of the local real estate network competition, at the same time in the background of the current housing business and talk about, how to walk out of trough the local real estate network, to achieve profitability?

Many experts say the

website operation, must be innovative, must adhere to, this is the operation of the site two legs, but I think, for the local real estate network, especially the local real estate network, we can get out of a road to success, which is the advantage in the practical soil, go business strategy, so can let your local real estate network breakout success, out of their own road to success! So how to create practical County local real estate net? I think, or from the two legs of the!

1: users can obtain practical value at county level local real estate network

combined with the current salary levels and income, a family life of hard labor, will only be able to buy a house of their own, so before you buy a house, will be extensive collection of real estate resources, and then makes a detailed comparison, after hesitate to struggle, the final will be decided to buy a house of their own the information collected from! Decided to buy a house, the information collection is the basis, if the information collected is not accurate, or little help on their own, it will lead to two results, one is to buy regretted the house, another is to lose the best chance to buy a house and let yourself regret!

relevant data statistics, the current property buyers mainly from two channels to obtain property information. A variety of intermediary line, print media, the Internet is another local real estate network, which has more than 80% users, especially young groups, almost all access to the purchase information from the local real estate network, and users in the local county real estate network information acquisition the proportion is as high as 90%, visible the local real estate network information accuracy will directly affect the user’s purchase! So as to enhance the local county real estate network will begin from the practical value, the accuracy of the information!

The accuracy of

and enhance the content, also from two aspects, on the one hand to strengthen the release of information of relevant real estate and intermediary company audit, and set up information release rules, such as some of the options must fill out, such as the user’s attention pool area, average price, is not Yaohao, or each house every unit etc. information, and the information is updated dynamically, because now the house prices may change frequently, can provide users with timely and accurate information is very important! On the other hand, to strengthen the information with degree and contrast, such as many county may have a real estate company launched a house, then you can according to the different the real estate company.

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