Experience sharing a guest

No. 27 today, when I do Taobao off the distance has been almost a month, here is going to give the novice like me Taobao customers to talk about how I experience over, no experience, just want to let you do not give up ~


when I was at the end of May to Taobao customers, has been exposed before, on a week to do the future occupation and Taobao customers, then find someone to do site, domain name, space, finally on June 1st officially perfect add, so that my career to a Taobao customer but I think this month, a month to recognize their sentiment is also a lot of, don’t say that I did not make money, how much money, first you have to think this thing can make money, your location for this thing ~


is currently my account for nearly twenty, ha ha, very little, but the beginning of the joy of income is estimated that many people feel, here in order to let more people feel the joy, I will talk about my experience, thank you!

said, the first thing you touch this feeling very fresh, can also feel money is absolutely hot this time your mind, should say is excited, also can be said to be congested, ha ha, found the treasure? This is the treasure, and to dig treasure dug a lot of good people Oh what is the location? How much is your plan to dig the treasure, you are going to dig a full-time, month to dig tens of thousands? Or is free to dig, dig a few hundred thousand can, the best is enough part-time


intends to how much money you decide how much to pay, this is clear and then step by step down analysis to decide the distribution you need to pay, here I according to full-time analysis, because this month I was in full-time to pay


decided to be full-time, ready tools, equipment ready Oh, ready to sell Oh, ready to dig which areas of the mine material. Oh, oh, you want to choose which kind of propaganda, intend to spend much time every day, where are you going propaganda, propaganda which classification of goods


like clear start to do it, I was with my time, because can resign at home all day long, so the site, so I will do a comprehensive, free of very large, a way to promote other basic are limited, so according to the circumstance of oneself analysis of selection.


website is a good promotion, let people know your site, the site should always come around the site, this is a problem, then they see things on the site so they stimulate the desire to buy is also a problem, and how to let more people find your goods on the site, how to through the search engine find


when I set up the website completely show in front of me, a general shop to keep shop difficult feeling, but I am not only good, but also themselves to solve these problems, what do not wait to find customers? Impossible, a webmaster told me that he.

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