Lessons learned from my GG by K

I stand on the face of this

GG advertising is displayed on the "page cannot be displayed" is open, I think is the reason of computer to another computer, look at the same. I had an idea of "K?", I think almost $100 in revenue, will be floating eastward, so the thought of writing a letter to sue, GG replied "thank you to provide us with additional information. However, after thoroughly reviewing your account data and taking your feedback into account, we reconfirmed that your account has brought risks to our AdWords advertisers. Therefore, we are unable to restore your account. Thank you for your understanding." This time I finally believe it. Do Wangzhuan believe any opportunistic way can not succeed, will be blocked! (of course, when I said, some webmaster can secretly, saying that I too absolutely


think to do GG, in early 07, the students put on the GG site, do not know what the ads will automatically change, only that it is can be used for site traffic MONEY ads is wangzhuan. At that time, I did blog site "80s", because at that time the blog is hot, a program, after my disassembly, modification, became his own. Later, because the program has a number of vulnerabilities are prohibited by space providers, saying too much use of servers. There is no advertising on this station except for myself.


know Wangzhuan, I gave up the "80s" blog, do my old job design website (http://s.pik8.com), because I do graphic design, do stand is my hobby, so in the maintenance of the station have the advantage. You can put yourself and friends on the work for everyone to communicate, because there are online QQ exchange platform, so I made a lot of work. Of course, you put GG on it, too. Waiting for the benefits of the website to change some pocket money. So, every period of time to see the income, when the first 1 knives, my heart will be complacent. At that time only know GG can not own point. But I don’t know why. Can GG have "a thousand li eye"? Gradually, I know, I can find someone else to help you. So my "all for the benefit of" idea, has been driving me more points, in April this year, and sometimes 10 knives a day, QQ in the mutual point group has 10, every day flashing non-stop. I’m thinking of 10 knives a day and 2000 RMB a month. And complacent! When the company is not busy on the point, go home, point out, out of

is still late. The end of May this year, my income to $70.

but a few days after I received the PIN code, my GG didn’t show up on my station. Many inquiries, know the legend of the "K", finally happened to me. Now know, when the immediate interests of the practice is ridiculous, I began to sincerely do MM, low prices, access to high credibility strategy, and guide the development of "new elements" station. Although I am not a master of the website, also >

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