Several reasons for the future of individual stations and forums will not die out

recent Internet Storm, according to the news, "let one hundred thousand small and medium-sized unemployed", I do not see any exaggeration. The development of the entire event completely beyond the webmaster’s expectations, "across the board" management practices serious damage to many of the legitimate rights and interests, especially the whole room off the network investigation practice, can let the webmaster feel respect justice and abide by the laws. Countless stations have been shut down, many of the webmaster is facing the pressure of unemployment, domestic mainstream public opinion is also singing the future of personal adsense. However, whether the future station is really a dark? Yesterday just finished the webmaster training network in view of the current situation, invited the current web site was shut down by the webmaster, and will be transferred to the foreign website webmaster and also the domestic line under the banner of "guerrilla warfare" grassroots webmaster discussion, to discuss the individual the station is the future is dark. From the results, to participate in the discussion of the webmaster, or continue to have confidence in the future of the majority, but we all understand that the station will not be Everything is going smoothly., this is an old saying: "the future is bright, the road is tortuous". As a member to participate in the discussion, I will discuss in the webmaster wonderful speech organized into several points out to share with the owners and friends, but also for our webmaster ".

, this era determines the existence of individual stations is a necessity.

needless to say, this era is completely different from before the reform and opening up the social outlook, advanced information technology, multi thinking, frequent international exchanges and close, people’s mental outlook is more active and cheerful, people’s pursuit on different personality is more diverse, more assertive, pursuit of self-expression, love show their value from work. It is precisely because of this, along with the progress of Internet technology, it gradually emerged as a number of grassroots webmaster, using Internet technology platform, to realize their dream of siting, can show themselves, prominent personality, but also can be used to realize the self value, and even business platform. Therefore, this is the inevitable development of the times, but also the inevitable result of human and social development. Therefore, the disappearance of individual stations means the retrogression of the zeitgeist, which means the loss of multicultural society. In this sense, no one can allow and accept the consequences of such retrogression.

The existence of

two and Forum (BBS) is the product of the common choice between people and society.

from the birth of the earliest electronic bulletin boards, to mature technology, the development of the new generation of forums, forums increasingly become the most popular exchanges and interactive platform. This forum allows people to daily life, as a convenient platform for learning and academic interest, professional research, technology and so on various exchanges, it was quickly accepted and spread is that its design and form is widely accepted and welcomed people from generation to date, it can be said that the epidemic is the inevitable result of social development and the needs of the people. Therefore, no one can stifle the use and popularity of this communication platform. The platform itself is not available

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