For hard work webmaster friends say something

came to Admin5 today and by the way, he said something to his friends who were still struggling on the way: "


1, when we are on the road, can support each other, support, and less shock.

2, when we are all grassroots webmaster, can encourage, encourage, is also a kind of support.

3, when we came to Admin5, came to learn other people’s experience, not to vent.

4, wanted to come here and grassroots brothers were able to study each other grow, less nonsensical blow.

5, how much hope Admin5 posts, in addition to encouragement, is pointing, there is no mutual attack, despise the comment, perhaps is the idea of dreaming, but I did, maybe one day dreams come true.

6, are at the grassroots station, fratricidal.

7, I am a man of the people here are not eligible to nag, but I agree with automatic speaking a few words, it immediately browse other pages, hate.

8, some people suppress others in order to vent their emotions, because you have unhappy, but you suppress the end, you can not solve the problem, not as many friends, perhaps you can get help.

9, someone else needs help, you need to be thanked, and others don’t help you, you should feel normal.

10, ask someone else’s questions politely, do not feel that should be.

11, the webmaster has a 809 generation online, this guy really very thought, very pragmatic, and he exchanges, you will have harvest, real name Malone dragon, QQ:397251430.

, more than 12 network owners to write, can really improve your writing, because writing is not so good people will give you a brick, so you will ascend in your station to write is not the same wrong nor what people say.

busy every day to see what the brothers on the Admin5 have written, and here, bless the brothers can use the webmaster net take-off. Because to help others is a kind of happiness, look at the net if successful, webmaster net work can not, here in advance thank the admin5.

webmaster network first article author: network crab ( Duan Fei, please forward the article to retain copyright, thank you!


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