8 small beautiful O2O cases the giants’ games and the opportunities that entrepreneurs can find

domestic Internet as the hegemony of hegemony, BAT three points in the world occupy the Internet each commanding heights, one industry has been made "tycoon" game". But there is such an industry, even the giants are also "headache" – O2O, Baidu, plus the strength of the next line of glutinous rice, Ali received high German layout LBS, Tencent is a WeChat, hit the Internet all over the world.

in fact, the real O2O is not so complicated. There are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs besides giants. This article selected 8 small and beautiful cases from the foreign media. Let’s see how charming O2O can be.

1, Douche Parking let the bastard parking nowhere to hide

Each big city in Russia

parking chaos phenomenon is very serious, blocking the door, blocking others cars, accounting for sidewalks are It is often seen. things, and is headquartered in Moscow online newspaper The Village launched a product called "Douche Parking" (ER, meaning "SB stop") LBS free application to the exposure of parking behavior and use of digital media to public pressure exhort people to regulate parking.

Douche Parking users see chaos parked car, you can take a picture and enter the car model, color, license plate number and other information, and then the application will address through the IP lock the car near the location of the computer users (often including parking the many relatives and friends, colleagues, classmates, neighbors oh!) let them see, very prominent banner ads on The Village and its partner sites, the "XXXX (license plate number) you are tired of this discussion, as it does in XXXX (the name of the street on the road)" – no more, in order to get rid of these ads, you have to stop the chaos of the car to share information Facebook.

2, Hiscox – use Wi-Fi hotspots to sell insurance,

UK listed insurance company Hiscox by Wi-Fi hot potential customers for small businesses advertising — people in the vicinity of Hiscox outdoor advertising BT Openzone login British Telecom Wi-Fi wireless network, you will see a corresponding digital advertising and direct dial telephone counseling insurance business; Hiscox ads will also appear on the Wi-Fi logon page.

Hiscox’s potential customers are mainly small businesses, so its advertising will use the Wi-Fi user information and airports, auto shows, hotels, business centers and other location information, advertising for these potential customers. As a result, the click rate of these ads is 5 times higher than that of traditional online display ads..

3, McDonald’s – efficient promotion of 24 hour business restaurant

In early 2012, 1/3 of McDonald’s restaurants in the UK began 24 hours of business,

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