Do Wangzhuan perseverance have their own goals

for 09 years, always want to write some words for yourself, but always busy, and today and everyone casually say two words.

has always been lamenting the dark insecurity of the Internet after taking the internet. In the 08 years since July, just snacking in the bumper, unknown friend, liar, uncountable, but pleased to come. As long as there is a belief in the heart, you can always go. It’s OK to fall down, man, to air. When you fall, don’t lose heart, get up and go on. At least we learn to stand up and learn experience when we fall. In a network to make money in person will earn money.

A lot of people do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

, the project is also a lot of money (PTC) is one of the point, there are other voting, hook, surfing. There are also some advertising leagues, text messaging League, CPM, CPC, CPA, CPS, none of which we need to do, and you can’t do it. As long as we have decided to choose a good project, we insist on doing it. In the end, I believe you will still smile.

I do Wangzhuan for half a year, three months to earn tens of dollars, we can say that even a month’s telephone charges are not enough. But I stuck to it. Because in the first three months, I was groping, no matter what the project should go to try, understand, not to make money, as for learning.

and now, in all the projects have found their way to go after, with their own site, with their own team, but also met some of my friends help a lot. Thanks for coming down here.

the past 08 years, 09 years has just begun; Wangzhuan since embarked on this road, then take it down. 09 years ago, half a year, I have a goal, that is, to do a good public service website ( is to achieve. I hope you will set a goal for yourself, and work hard together.

also forgot to tell everybody, Wangzhuan a lot, so there are a lot of methods, we can not blindly on others’ footsteps, so eventually find their own, did not earn what money, to have ideas, creative, dare to do so, to get out of their own style,

finally, I wish you good luck in the new year, fortune, a lot of web traffic to.

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