How do you win a few clicks on your website

1. website advertising words should be how to find


answer: boldly delete other ads

should consider removing all of the above 468×, 60 picture ads, and the link units that display the 5 links and the Firefox promotion link. That is to say, the first screen after the page opens has only one 300× 250 size square advertisement.

reason is very simple, when the user opens the web page, see the eyeful is links and advertising, users should point to where, tell you a simple truth, that is not to give the user too much choice. Choose less, the user can only click on the ad you gave. And the macro community sees only ads attached to the Union and the price is high. So we only keep the most profitable box ads, though they seem to have lost pictures, links, units and revenue from Firefox promotion, but I believe the overall revenue will continue to rise after removing some of the advertising.

2. in their own BBS put macro advertising, why not the effect is good,


2.1 BBS article content is too short, content in form and advertising can not effectively combine

many articles in BBS are 2 or 3 sentences. The words are too few and so short. Where can I put the ads? I can’t manage them. Ha ha,


2.2 program limits

The ad position in

BBS is not very flexible, and this type of click rate is very low, because everyone knows you’re putting on an ad.

2.3 content is not high,

domestic Internet users in the post used the most replies may be a word "top."". Top to top, no substance, the result page quality is very low, advertising value is poor.

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