Cai Wensheng how are so many users worried about business models

the development of the Internet in the United States has 3 stages, from 1995 to 2000, is the era of YAHOO; after 2000, is the Google era; to 2005 began, is the MySpace, YouTube and Facebook era.


prototype is Yang Zhiyuan’s personal favorites, it solves the difficult problem of the early Internet to find information, but there are two problems, first, YAHOO mainly rely on artificial editing to classification, but more and more information when the Internet, more editing is inadequate; second, YAHOO’s ranking is not scientific, and many websites disappeared after the link can not be timely removed.

Google can solve this problem, it use the machine to find the site, as long as the website information, there is a link, there is traffic, will be included; second, Google has a set of scientific ranking algorithm, determine the site’s ranking by hundreds of parameters, so it can beat YAHOO.

after 2005, into MySpace, YouTube and Facebook stage, why they can go beyond Google? Google because although very good, but has nothing to do with the user, the user does not have a sense of participation, the essence of the Internet is interactive, MySpace from the music started from the beginning of the video, YouTube, and Facebook is truly user centric, user is the user, but also the creator, more than MySpace and YouTube.

Chinese Internet industry and the United States have the time difference, the average is 3 years, the United States what the new website, Chinese will soon be copied, but the beginning only in the high-end crowd, 3 years after the outbreak will really start.

China the Internet from 1998 began, Zhang Zhaoyang of the United States that these turtles moved to Chinese, then only a few million Internet users, these users are the elite, so the United States can accept things, this is the era of the Internet elite.

after 2003, Internet users quickly exceeded one hundred million by tens of millions, and entered the mass Internet era. Because the Internet has to ordinary people, the three major portals, Tencent, Baidu and Taobao are beginning to succeed, including storms, thunder also started up, then began to beat the wood louse turtle, because wood louse more about the three hundred million Internet users demand.


2008 is the people’s Internet, in the next few years, China’s Internet users will increase to 600 million, there are great opportunities, and even many industries will change.

I always have a concept, as long as the site has a user value, of course, if tens of millions of orders, with users, you can find a business model, you can not find, and others will help you find. "The funniest thing in the world is to ask me what the business model of Twitter is, and how I worry about business models when I have so many users," Twitter’s founder said a while ago

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