Peng Zhijie Tips for local website operations

has some little-known tips on the local web site, so share with you today:

1, to find their own identity in the local portal in the operation of positioning, to facilitate users to the principle of idle away in seeking pleasure, the focus on improving the user experience, always standing in the user perspective.

2, in local news this don’t start to do a local leader, should pay attention to the grassroots news, people’s livelihood, can be appropriate and local television newspapers and other media cooperation, highlight the characteristics of their interaction and information flow more freely, more closer to life than traditional media.

3, in terms of advertising, try to do the integration of advertising and marketing, because we take the community as the theme of the local portal, for now the advertisers, such ads are often more cost-effective, user location more accurately, far more than traditional media advertising is cheap, this is our advantage, disadvantage is not the formation of scale when it is difficult to attract advertisers to join in the local site, it will increase its efforts to promote.

4, in the early stage, is also the site just online promotion tips, can promote the use of Internet cafes, this is a very useful method to design the web page for your site, of course, this requires a certain investment, but it is undeniable that the effect is quite good, then this is the QQ group promotion a good promotion methods, like a push, now has established 18 senior group, a group of 200 people at least 3600 people are loyal users, the actual number of course not so much, and can also be in the local school and the population gathered to distribute leaflets, though this method is not very effective, but the price is low, it is a good promotion methods, can also be appropriate in the sponsorship of campus activities, it is also a popular gathering method, but also the last See a method, do not know is not feasible, is in the library books on publicity bookmarks, this also not spam, how to say it as a bookmark, in what the popular forum no early must exert their utmost to promote their confidence, or strike, passion will not. But guizaijianchi.

5, a little note is in the process of our own website promotion in mind from the beginning to the end will have a brand awareness, no matter what you do propaganda must have its own brand of bright, let your brand deeply in every visitor’s heart, not a to pay no attention to the role of the brand, publicity will inevitably bring serious consequence is the high price brand publicity, this is the first LOGO The loss outweighs the gain., so when we line on the website, the best page design is the professional design company to design, at least after the revision of the LOGO will not easily change.

6, when operating local websites, you can’t do it alone. No one can do one thing alone. Make full use of your local connections

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