Precautions for new site building site

site can be checked after normal operation. First of all, depends on the speed of operation, whether the pages can be opened faster, in the operating system, such as WIN98, 2000, XP browsing, there is no problem, and then look at different resolutions of the browser, the page is deformed. When you open a web page, you should also see if there are any errors: one is a program error, and two is a script error (seen in the bottom left corner of the browser). See if there are no links or typographical errors. Of course, the completion of the acceptance does not mean that all of the end, you need to update the content of the website from time to time. Construction of the site must be able to maintain and update themselves, if the enterprise does not release information autonomy, is undoubtedly a major weakness.


is the image site, here is basically completed, usually within the industry and website do Links can, but if it is to sell products, then you will need to do more to promote the exchange of resources, such as, Links, login search engine, PPC, fixed position, only to let potential your customers can first see you in time of need, you will begin to online sales.

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