Third rock youth online shop earning 20 thousand very powerful

Zhou Xiong, a music loving college students, playing more than Taobao opened a monopoly canvas shoes "shoe shop God", after three years of hard work, now has more than 50 subordinate agents, customer credibility has reached double drill, shop for 3 years to earn, lost, cheated too many detours, but also experienced wind and rain, all with "adhere to the" two word achievements today, he also became the star of many classmates and friends in the eyes of the "".

sets up online only for favorite music

Hunan is now Jishou University junior Zhou Xiong had to be a dream of music college students for 06 years, he began to notice that the online shop e-commerce, low cost, no need for the industry and commerce, taxation and other certificates, as long as 18 years of age, the identity authentication can be, he also made in the online shop the idea, and in August he was registered your shop.

"originally made rock and roll, selling things about yourself, like rock and roll T-shirts or something," Zhou Xiong said. Zhou Xiong has his own band "HIGHC", his playing rhythm guitar and vocals (later a busy Zhou Xiong is no longer a singer, later, Zhou Xiong played little bomb Beth), a group of people playing together quite happy, but slowly, distress came to the development of the band you need to have economic sources, ah. Zhou Xiong said that the original shop just to make money for their band tour. At first they sold T-shirts and 2 hand instruments, and later chose to sell shoes because of canvas shoes, and Zhou Xiong knew that rock loving friends were mostly interested in canvas shoes.

novice online shop, bitter, hot, sweet and sour

After registering with her own store online, Zhou Xiongcai knew that business was not as simple as she thought she was.

. The first source is a problem, one can not find the appropriate supply of goods, there is not enough money on the other hand, is also due to the beginning not what experience, Zhou Xiong thought of a way to contact the manufacturers do consignment. (later, when Zhou Xiong slowly made his way, he contacted a manufacturer to supply him. Say, do it, he quickly found a factory in the Alibaba forum, said he was a student, no money, let him help on behalf of the delivery. The two sides soon agreed to a deal, and Zhou Xiong’s shop was officially opened.

at first, Zhou Xiong’s online shop did not have any credibility, buyers also less, mainly on their own in the crowd around the sale, the cost earned back. Every day in the more than 50 forum and Post Bar post to introduce their products to you, shop business canvas shoes mainly CONVERSE, CONVERSE compared to the entity store products, "shoe shop God" shoes is 4-6% of the price is quite affordable, attracted many young people come to buy. In addition, many of his friends also like online shopping, there are all our support, the credibility of the shop is also slowly rising up.

Zhou Xiong talks to customers in different places almost every day and finds many customers

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