Talking about the operation experience of couple gift network

because this site is still in the preparatory stage, so we can only talk about the idea of operation, the specific effect must be constantly improved in practice,


one, set up Lovers Gift Network:

lets the ordinary girlfriend not be bored, indirectly helps realize her dream.

as a personal webmaster, spend a lot of time on the Internet, of course there is not much time to accompany his girlfriend, although there are 2 computer, but also only brought girlfriend chat QQ, play games, especially is very boring. Girls, who don’t like to go around? Second, the girlfriend’s desire is to open an entity store. But I’m not sure. Again, girls like romantic! So, I chose to let her shop online, and then turn the entity, combined with the above mentioned, choose to do a couple gifts


two, what does the gift network sell?

presents a couple of gifts that look professional, but the things involved are pretty messy. For example, couples dress, jewelry lovers, men and women to send, send men and women lovers gifts, lovers Home Furnishing supplies! Is actually a lot of gifts, are lovers together for nothing! Anyway, let girlfriend for couples to find their own


three, lovers gift network operation

1, domain name

, here is the point, first of all, a good domain name, according to the experience of mortals, picked the domain name.

the reason is "good remember." better than this, remember the domain name was sold by others. And this almost domain name, there is no such a good

2, ad

website is built, want advertisement, so mortal does not have a lot of websites? Just in those online advertisement is. The most important thing is that the variety is complete and quality, the price is competitive. Relying on word of mouth is the best! Of course, the search engine gives us a good location, that is the best!


3, supply

this needs us to find the manufacturer or the manufacturer to cooperate.

4, sales

now has Taobao paipai you, a lot of interesting online sales place! But is independent of network lovers gift shop, and the third party may choose not to like alipay. After that, if it’s really a lot of damage, let’s say it again,

four, expect

wants Admin5’s friends to buy it. Of course, also hope that manufacturers and we work together, hey hey, there are, the last point: Admin5 friends to some suggestions and opinions,


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